The Magic of Costumes + 100 DIY Halloween Costumes Tutorials

What is it about costumes that are so special? Is it that we can be something or someone else for a while? Or is it that they allow us to feel the magic of a character? I’ve always loved using costumes no matter if it was Halloween or just any show at school. My girl seems to feel the same way and I enjoy so much making her magic real even if it’s for a little while. Today some halloween costumes tutorials come so handy!

The Magic of Costumes + 100 DIY Halloween Costumes Tutorials

The Magic of Costumes + 100 DIY Halloween Costumes Tutorials

I remember when I was in middle school; I was asked to create a choreography for the girls in 6th grade. They had to represent Brazil and since they knew I was born there, they wanted me to help. Little did they know I left Brazil at the age of 6 LOL. But my mom knew lots about it, even dancing the Samba, so I accepted and with her help, I came up with a cute choreography using as inspiration Carmen Miranda on The 3 Caballeros Disney Movie!


Her outfit was our costumes. Sadly, back then pictures were not so common and I only have one and doesn’t look so good but here it is, I’m the one on the right at the age of 11 LOL. I was so excited and nervous about wearing that costume and dancing in front of the whole school!


So many nice memories! Now I make my girl’s costumes as magical as I can just to see her smile and happy.

Last year I made a matching mommy and daughter owl costume for us. I made them all in felt and we were so excited to go out and trick or treat people together. I also made a Dracula cape for my brother and helped him with the make up and we went all together enjoying our Halloween!

Last July, I had to improvise a butterfly costume for her end of year school show. I’m on a tight budget so I REALLY had to improvise. I found the wings and the tinker bell skirt on a party store on sale and some cheap ballet top and tights {it’s worth to say now she’s using them for her ballet classes LOL}.


That was the easy part. The hardest part was her makeup. I had never made face painting in my life. I had to paint my girl’s face a couple of times before the actual show day. I wanted to make a butterfly on her face, so practice makes perfect, right?


Well, I didn’t get that perfect but she was absolutely thrilled with her makeup!!! She felt so confident and excited. And that’s all that mattered to me! What do you think?


Letting ourselves to live that magic of becoming our favorite characters is so cool and I love enjoying that childish moment. I love letting my inner child out every once in a while and that’s why I was so excited to join this massive collection of 100 DIY Halloween Costume tutorials with other awesome bloggers. I wanted to share with you this magic!!!

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Now it’s your turn, my wonderful readers! How do you feel about costumes??? Do you have an anecdote about it??? I would love to know everything in comments!

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