Blogging 101: Building Bloggy Relationships Part 1.

Many of you, my lovely readers know that I got here in Blogland by accident LOL. I shared my experience in my previews post “My Experience Blogging So Far”. It’s been difficult but at the same time it was worth it every second of this journey. That’s why I thought about sharing this Blogging 101: Building Bloggy Relationships based on my own experiences.

Blogging 101: Building Bloggy Relationships Part 1.

Blogging 101: Building Bloggy Relationships Part 1.

I’m not posting this as an expert {I’m not even close} but I do want to share with you all the things I’ve done intuitively or learned that have worked for me on my way making connections, friends or any kind of relationships.

I’m going to start explaining why I call it relationships. You might think that some of us never get to actually meet fellow bloggers so where is the “relationship”?. Well I had the luck to have met Adrienne Smith from when I was just starting this business and she is a very special blogger and person. She taught me that we all are more than just blogs, we are still people behind a blog, we have names and faces and the blog is just our office. For me that made so much sense that I really feel like I’m relating with people and not just with blogs.

So, how can we make relationships that last and matter in Blogland?

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It is not that difficult you know? There are two key factors for this and they are caring and being yourself. Yes, that’s right, caring. Caring about others, their lives, caring about what they have to say or share… Just caring. That simple!

How do we show this? How do we build strong relationships?

Not pretending.
We don’t need to pretend we care or pretend we are something we are not.  At some point this veil falls and we loose all our work and credibility. Being trustful and genuine is the best way to gain bloggers attention. In our Blogland, bloggers are looking for inspiration, for tips that can make life easier, for other bloggers that share same situations and experiences. And most important they are looking for people to trust and that really care about what they have to share. As silly as it seems, feelings can actually run through our bandwidth LOL. When you are genuine, people can tell what you are feeling.

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Being Persistent. Blogging can be frustrating many times. We feel like our comments never get replies, that they don’t care. The thing is that this is just like friendships; usually we have to work on getting attention, gaining trust and a place in their hearts. This is like a huge party and there are thousands of people trying to reach the same thing: The attention of the BIG ones. And it’s not wrong it’s just more difficult and it requires persistency.

What I’ve learned is that you can make many awesome friends looking for blogs about the same size and age we are because we share the same experiences and expectations and we can help each other.  It doesn’t mean it’s easier and we still need to be persistent, Just a “Hi I’m here and love your blog” is not enough to make good friends. Bloggy friends are no different from real life friends. We need to be there day by day, help and ask for help when needed, share, invite, introduce to others. I don’t mean like every day, every minute. But every now and then give some love and let them feel you are there.

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When we find a blog/blogger that we love big or small the persistency is what will get us the friendship we want and will bring them to our blogs. That sometimes takes a lot of time and patience. In my case I’ve made quite good relationships with big and small bloggers. I’ve been loyal and caring for months and when I get a notification that any of them started following me or visited me and left a comment, OMG it’s so exciting that I even make my happy dance! LOL. And of course this doesn’t end here, we need to keep the friendship alive. That’s more hard work that will bring great rewards in the long run.

Commenting. You all have heard this advice before right?. This is one of the hardest parts of blogging. Being a good commenter is not easy but it’s the most important aspect to start relationships. We should comment a lot. Being a retuning visitor that leaves valuable comments is the key. I love commenting but sometimes I just don’t have the time to give great long comments to every blog post I love. Sometimes I leave a quick note so I let them know I was there reading but never just a “thanks for sharing this” comment. At least, I like to relate with something about the post. Sometimes it sounds repetitive but if it’s a specific craft and I haven’t done it or seen it and I love it I just say it, sometimes there is not much more to say but my “I LOOOOOVE it” is genuine.

I know in our DIY niche it can be difficult because if the post is just a craft or recipe can be hard not to say “Yummmy, delicious, I want to try this” when you haven’t heard of it or it’s a new kind. And it’s ok, at least people were interest enough to stop by and let us know they were here. The thing is that sometimes we share something else, something deeper on the post or about the recipe or the craft and there we have something to make the comment richer and sweeter. It’s important to add some value to our comments, show them we read and care and put the extra effort in to let the blogger know that we read and love their blogs as well. This is not easy but at least I always TRY. The most important thing is not leaving a comment just for the sake of commenting, if we are not related to the post or just don’t agree or like, it’s better to just leave. But if we do then let’s give them something that will put a smile on their faces.

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Of course when we get those comments the best thing to do is go and check their blogs and give them back great replies full of love and gratitude either on their blogs, replying by mail or on our blogs. This last one is risky because maybe {in some blogs} they won’t get the reply if they don’t come back.

Making it Personal. I always try to know the name of the bloggers I visit. Remember we are relating with people not only blogs so when commenting most of the times {not always} I use their names. There are so many blogs and bloggers, so it’s difficult to keep track of every single one of them. But, we have our favorites and we are loyal to them, so by calling them by their name we are showing how much we care. I always try to say “Cami from TitiCrafty” when talking about them because I LOVE when people call me Cami, because I feel like they know me. Names, believe it or not are important and matter.

Our faces are important and personal as well since we relate with people we like to se other faces and not just icons. It’s important to set a profile pictures or a Gravatar. This makes us have a face on every comment we leave. If you don’t know how to set a Gravatar you can go to and set up your account and Pic so you wouldn’t be monsters or grey faceless faces anymore.

Hope these tips helps you set your path to grow and make better relationships!

Jump to the second part of this post and keep learning! {click on image}

Blogging 101: Building Bloggy Relationships Part 2. #blogging101 #buildingrelationships

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My name is Camila Rojas but everyone call me Cami. I'm a mommy, blogger, baker, do it yourselfer, crafter and graphic designer. Owner and founder of The Crafting Nook {formerly TitiCrafty} and TCN Design Studio: web design for bloggers. Join me on my crazy adventures!

108 Comments at Blogging 101: Building Bloggy Relationships Part 1.

  1. Camila

    Hi Cami!

    I found this post on feedly and I’m really glad I did! I just started my blog last week and I’ve been trying to learn how to connect with other bloggers. Of course, after readying this I just had to comment, lol. I’m shy in real life, and online I’m no different but I agree with you so much about how blogging is about people. The ones I love, I love the blogger usually even more than the content of the blog. Thank you so much for posting, I will be back to hear more of your awesome advice!

    All the best,

    Stevey from Bizzie-Body

    1. Camila

      Hi Stevey!

      I’m so glad you found my post helpful! My best bloggy friend is super shy too but she found a great place to grow and be more herself on the blogosphere! Here you can be more yourself than any other place. I love it because our community is really supportive and loyal. It doens’t mean you are not going to run into mean people, those are everywhere but here you will find awesome people and awesome friends. It’s a hard work and blogging is not easy but it’s possible. Sometimes I can’t believe how much I’ve grown and I LOVE it even more each day. The best part is that your blog will become YOUR place, YOUR business, YOUR biggest pride once you get far. It’s the product of YOUR effort and love and that’s something so self-rewarding!!!

      There is a second part for this post… I just realized I never updated it… So I’ll be on it right away!

      Thank you for sharing a bit of yourself with us!!!

  2. Camila

    Cami, thanks so much for the post on relationships. It IS great getting to know other bloggers, even if it’s long distance. I have to tell you, I looked up the elevation of Bogota after we spoke on the phone to convert it to feet and you are 3 times higher at your elevation than in the little hills I live in! You are double the elevation of Denver, Colorado which is quite high for a city in the US. Anyway, I see you join link parties. Do I have to wait for someone to invite me to a link party to join? Thanks for your help!

    1. Camila

      Hi Melony, So good to have you visiting! Yes, I’m quite high! LOL. But never thought it would be that much higher than in USA.
      Yeah I join Link Parties all the time, You don’t need invitations, you can just crash and have fun! My link party start on Sundays 6 AM EST. And under my about Page you will find my link party directory with lots of link parties to join.
      I’m always happy to help in any way I can!
      Again Glad to hear from you!

  3. Camila

    Thanks for the post! I really enjoy commenting on other blogs and try to know their name.
    It is very hard indeed to write long and thourgh comments.
    It seems as if today it’s really hard to get a comment, you really need to work hard in ordwe for others to leave a comment.
    Sometimes i see blogs with no comments and it’s a bit sad to see, so i try my best to comment a very nice and meaningful comment.

  4. Camila

    Hey Cami! These are great tips! I actually never thought about remember to address people by their name as opposed to their blog name. I’m going to have to remember that! I’m very new to this blogging world, so I enjoy reading all these tips. I have found that I’m really enjoying reading and commenting on all of the other blogs.

    1. Camila

      Hi Tricia, Thanks so much for stopping by!. I find it important to treat bloggers more as people than just blogs. I love when people call me Cami wherever they see something from me! =D
      Hope you have a great week

  5. Camila

    Really great points here. I’ve been blogging for about 9 months and this is something I’m the weakest at! Part of the problem is being so busy with writing content, taking photos, reaching out to possible sponsors (and pleasing them!) that I leave little time to form those extra relationships I could be having if I spent more time commenting. And not just commenting – but visiting and learning about other bloggers. Thanks for the great post. :)

    1. Camila

      Time can be definitely the downside. as human beings we do what we can. The important thing sis to keep in mind that we are all people and that we all love some love right?… DO what you can and do it with love. That’s the best way to make friends! Thanks so much for taking th etime to read my post and leaving your thoughts!

  6. Camila

    What a great post! Building blogging relationships is so important and being honest is so very important!

  7. Camila

    It is important to me to be genuine. I started my blog for various reasons, but one of them is to help other people. I went through an extended sickness, and I learned life changing things about health. I especially want to impact my friends and family. I am trying to learn all I can though because if I want people to see me blog and hang around I need to learn all that I can about having an excellent blog. Thank you for sharing about ways to build genuine relationships.

  8. Camila

    Great share nice tips just saved to my blogging tips folder!!!

    1. Camila

      Glad you found it helpful!!! thanks so much!

  9. Camila

    I’ve also found that linkups help, as well as blogger “support groups.” I’m part of Bloggy Bloggers, a Faceook group, which is a great group for me to learn from as well as promote my writing.

    1. Camila

      That’s a great way to learn and grow too! I belong to some groups myself and they are great!!! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving some tips!

  10. Camila

    This is so great! :) I’ve only been blogging for about a month and have so much to learn. Building relationships was something I have trouble with, but now I know some great information. I always have issues leaving comments, I don’t want to just say “love this idea!”, but sometimes there isn’t really anything else I can think of to say.
    Thanks so much for sharing this! I’m definitely pinning this for later!

    1. Camila

      You are right sometimes is hard to leave a deep message but it all depends on what the post is about. If it is an awesome idea and you love it you can say that and also why… Relationships goes beyond just blog comments is all interaction you can make, be loyal, be active and be authentic. Don’t just say something for the sake of commenting!… Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your thoughts… =D Good luck!

  11. Camila

    Great tips there Cami Relationships are so important in blogging and like any relationship it takes time and effort – but the rewards of friendship are huge – such a great way to find like-minded people and be able to share things with them!
    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

    1. Camila

      Hi Jill, Thanks so much for your sweet words, I totally agree! Friendship is the best part of blogging! It’s What I love and appreciate the most. Even though sometimes time is against us, I love the connections and loyal friends I have made!

  12. Camila

    Cami- What a relatable post! The last several weeks I have been struggling because I feel every time I comment on someones blog or email them it is just a quick interaction and I feel “rejected” or that didn’t grow into a friendship like I am hoping for it to be (sounds like I am talking about a relationship haha). Anyways, these are some great tips to be consistent and be meaningful. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Camila

      Hi Kendall, It takes time to be seen in this blog-world, and we do get to feel like that when we don’t get response but there are so many fa