Blogging 101: Building Bloggy Relationships Part 2.

In the previews post, Blogging 101: Building Bloggy Relationships Part 1. we talked about a few ways to Build Strong Bloggy Relationships in Blogland. We covered being ourselves, that we don’t need to pretend, that it’s very important to be persistent, that we should comment a lot and leave meaningful comments and of course make this all personal.

Blogging 101: Building Bloggy Relationships Part 2.

Blogging 101: Building Bloggy Relationships Part 2. #blogging101 #buildingrelationships

Today we are talking about other important ways to connect, build relationships, have fun and some factors that can change the results we want.

Social Networks. We all know how important these are, so I’m not talking about it as a marketing tool. But, I mentioned in my previews post that I met my very best bloggy friend chatting on twitter over a movie topic. That’s it, so silly and so simple. When you engage in conversations on social networks you get to know new people too. It’s a direct approach, usually we get quick feedback and we never know how great a friendship can turn out. Of course, this is not a one time thing and not always you are going to have a response immediately. Relationships takes time and social networks are here to help. They don’t do all the job though.

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Communities, forums and groups are great ways to make new friends. You can find them on Facebook and G+ that I know of. Some are very eclectic, some very specific but they all share in common the desire to help and be helped. The only thing we need to keep in mind is to be fair and not just take advantage. We help in order to be helped! Sometimes I don’t have the time to go everyday but I show up every now and then to share some great posts and post some of my own.

Link Parties and Blog Hops. This is our secondary source of traffic {Pinterest is usually the first LOL} and a great way to engage new people and start new relationships. It has happened that I click on a post and I fall in love with the whole blog so I just start following her/him. And some really AWESOME friendships have grown from there.

What I don’t do and I find it annoying {but hey, that’s just me} is asking people to follow back. I feel like I’m begging for attention.  And that’s not the kind of follower/readers I want. I want those that really and genuinely want to follow and read me. So when I participate in Hops particularly Facebook that you need to use your personal account, I just leave a message letting them know where I’m coming from and what’s my blog because they are not fortune-tellers to guess what’s Camila Rojas’s blog, That’s it.

I’m sure that if they want to follow they will whether I ask them or not. So I just give the love of following/liking and if they follow/like back, awesome!, if not I’ll still enjoy what they have to share. I’ve experienced that in the long run those that didn’t follow me before started following me recently. It’s cool and I’m super happy with it!!!.

Links. There is a huge debate on whether leaving backlinks is good or not. I used to leave my page as Cami @ TitiCrafty {as a hyperlink} but I stopped doing that because there is a risk for me and for the other blog I’m commenting at to be seen as spammers. So why risk it?. I know backlinks are or used to be important but when we set our accounts, usually our names are linked to our profile and there it has a link to the commenter’s blog. Just leaving our is enough too to let people know where we are from.

Taking the risk of leaving backlinks on other blogs could be perceived as being selfish or that we don’t care, when that is the opposite of what we are trying to do.  I usually sign posts saying “XOXO or HUGS, Cami @” {which has no hyperlinks} so people know me. And when I want to invite people to my blog or my Party I just tell them that I would love to have them, the name of the party, the date and then my sign. It’s more than enough. If they want to, they will come.  I also sign adding a second line with “Sunday Bewitch Me & Titi Link Party” when I’m just commenting on a post from a blogger that I know. It’s kind of a reminder, that by the way invites and it doesn’t hurt anybody.I’ve also read somewhere that leaving just our blogs Main URL doesn’t hurt, what is not good is leaving a specific post URL on a comment because can be seen as spam. But there is so much information about this that I really don’t know what could hurt and what could not. In that case I opted for not leaving links at all in comments.

Asking Questions. How else do we get to “know” people???… Asking questions is a great way to engage a conversation and get to know better others. We can either ask random questions on our social media or on our comments. If some ingredient, technique, or thought is not clear or we want maybe some more details we can always ask, show interest in get to understand better what people is sharing. I’m working on this myself, I’ve always been a bit shy and go asking has been hard for me. But I’m trying hard=D because I’ve seen that it really works. People love to share opinions even though at the beginning we don’t get many answers. I love when I get questions. I feel like people are really interested in what I’m sharing, it’s so cool!

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We need to think of all this as if we were actually connecting with people in person, all rules apply. We need to connect, talk, have fun, comment, politely agree or disagree, ask questions, socialize in parties, show respect, show love, get inspired and inspire others. The most important thing after being ourselves and keeping this aspects in mind is BEING RESPECTFUL at all times. It doesn’t matter if we don’t agree or if we don’t like something. We don’t need to leave negative, rude or hurtful comments, there is no winning on that. In those cases the best we can do is just leave and forget about it. And on the other hand, if we love something enough to use the idea or ideas, then let’s give the credits to whom gave us the great inspiration. It’s not going to hurt us,  quite the opposite, it’s going to help us hugely!

So, when we join these thoughts with the previews post, all these new aspects are still about the same main point: caring and being ourselves, right? So let’s keep being caring and be ourselves people, we can have SO MUCH FUN!!!

What do you think? Do you have any extra tips that I didn’t cover? We all want to be better bloggers and people, right??? So your thoughts can help us a lot!!!

Is there any other aspect of blogging that you would like me to share with you in a future post? Just name it in the comments! =D

If you want to read the first part of my Blogging 101: Building Bloggy Relationships just click on the image below.


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    Wonderful tips – I am going to check out your other post too! I so agree with you on the respectfulness…if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it!

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    Great tips! I love the community and supportive women I have met blogging.

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    Great information!