Blogging 101: 6 Tips to Get More Audience Engagement on Social Media.

Ever since I became a blogger, one of the hardest thing ever seems to be building an Audience and relationships. We all know how hard it is, right? And once we have, it’s even harder to get more audience engagement since we are one more among a bunch of many others awesome bloggers out there. The best thing we can do is look for different ways to stand out and make a difference in our our own way and with our own voice. This task seems to be hard but because we sometimes think that it should happen somehow. The key is to make the first step ourselves.

6 Tips to Get More Audience Engagement on Social Media.

6 Tips to Get More Audience Engagement on Social Media. Blogging 101.

There is something we need to have clear, not everything works for everyone. I’m not even close to be an expert on this field but I’ve been trying different things, reading a lot about it and I’ve gathered a few tips that definitely worked for me on my way to get more audience engagement on my social media channels.

I truly hope that sharing these tips helps you and all of us to keep an even more amazing blogsphere. None of them hurt anybody by doing it, there is nothing to loose but a lot gain. So let’s start!

1.- Let’s make the first step. This is the first thing we have to realize. We all are or have been newbies, big blogs {I can’t include mine here yet LOL} or established bloggers but that doesn’t mean we have to wait for others to come and love us. I grew up with this saying: “We have to give in order to receive”.

2.- Let’s engage people a lot. Yup! In order to get more audience engagement you need to engage first. Be part of discussions and conversations.  We can’t do all of them but those we come across during our networking time are good enough. Apart from that it’s fun and we can gain a lot.

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3.- Let’s Like, +1, Thumbs up, etc a lot. I bet you see more than 10 things you like on you social media channels… Doing that doesn’t hurt. It’s not a life or death decision to click like or +1 on other posts. Come on guys! That helps others and, believe it or not, it helps us! When I’m networking I click “like” like crazy because I enjoy letting people know that I saw it and I liked it. At some point I’ve been noticed, you will too. Big and Small blogs have so much to share.

4.- Let’s share a lot. That doesn’t hurt either, I promise! LOL. I’m not saying to go and share everything you see, but I bet again that you can find quite a few things you really like that can be shared. That again, helps other bloggers and helps us being noticed. When we share, we are telling the author “I loved it so much that I want my audience to see it”.

5.- Let’s comment a lot. I’m not really persistent on this one, but I know because I’ve done, it does generate engagement. Once we become a consistent commenter they tend to pay attention to what we have to say too. According to Reviewz n’ Tips, comments result in more viral traffic: “likes are a great social proof, but comments are a better way to gain exposure”
6.- In the meantime,  let’s keep asking our readers questions on our social media, trying to connect, get to know them. Maybe some days we won’t get answers but little by little people will come to us.

Also, this Facebook algorithm thing is getting harder for us to reach our audience. I understand some of the reasons FB is doing it but it’s hurting more than just big brands.  What I understood is that they definitely want brands to pay to get their stuff out there as I read in an AdAge post. But many of us are not brands like GE, Samsung, Pampers, so it hurts us too as bloggers who offer content for free.

But I also read somewhere, that FB also wants to give their users relevant information which means that if people don’t interact with our FB pages after liking it, we are not showing on their feeds anymore. I have experienced that BTW. Sometimes I notice that I haven’t seen anything from a specific blogger in a while so I go to her page and like a few things, share some posts and repeat this for a couple of days. I got her posts again on my feeds.  FB will only show on feeds things that they see relevant based on the interaction pages get.  We can manage this by interacting more with our pages.

This is another reason why engaging is a good way to help each other. Let’s just click like, +1 on things that we like even if it’s not perfect, or from a small or big blogger, let’s just give some love. Let’s share all those nice things we see that could be interesting and new. Let’s support each other, we are like a family, we are part of a huge community. Let’s spread the love!

What do you think??? Is there any other tip you know that I haven’t mentioned above and it has helped you gain more engagement form your audience? We all want to know about it on the comments!
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My name is Camila Rojas but everyone call me Cami. I'm a mommy, blogger, baker, do it yourselfer, crafter and graphic designer. Owner and founder of The Crafting Nook {formerly TitiCrafty} and TCN Design Studio: web design for bloggers. Join me on my crazy adventures!

67 Comments at Blogging 101: 6 Tips to Get More Audience Engagement on Social Media.

  1. Camila

    Hey Camila,
    Thanks so much for these awesome tips! I’ve really been focusing on building my audience lately, and being social is, I’m realizing, such an important aspect of being a blogger. What I’m learning is how to manage my time between blogs I love, working on my own blog, building my audience, and having time outside of blogging.
    Oi vey, it can be stressful-but blogs like this really help! Thank you for sharing <3

    1. Camila

      It’s my pleasure to have helped you Savanna. I totally understand when you talk about time management. It’s really, really hard. It’s so easy to sink into blogging and when you realize you haven’t spent time with other things as important. I don’t think we ever really get a perfect balance. Life is just life, and we always go out of track but of course we can always get back haha. Although life is always a big factor you can always set your goals and if me-time, family-time is in your calendar I’, sure you will be able to manage. I always try to leave weekends for myself and family. When week gets too hard and overwhelming I use some time of the weekend to catch up but still mange to have time for us! As for social media. That is a day by day work. it doesn’t come over night {sadly}. But the best and only way to get noticed is to engage. Talk with fellow bloggers, with readers, ask questions, make readers part of your life, share a bit of your life {not everything