Blogging 101: 6 Tips to Get More Audience Engagement on Social Media.

Ever since I became a blogger, one of the hardest things ever seems to be building an Audience and relationships. We all know how hard it is, right? And once we have, it’s even harder to get more audience engagement since we are one more among a bunch of many other awesome bloggers out there. The best thing we can do is look for different ways to stand out and make a difference in our own way and with our own voice. This task seems to be hard but because we sometimes think that it should happen somehow. The key is to make the first step ourselves.

6 Tips to Get More Audience Engagement on Social Media.

6 Tips to Get More Audience Engagement on Social Media. Blogging 101.

There is something we need to have clear, not everything works for everyone. I’m not even close to be an expert in this field but I’ve been trying different things, reading a lot about it and I’ve gathered a few tips that definitely worked for me on my way to get more audience engagement on my social media channels.

I truly hope that sharing these tips helps you and all of us to keep an even more amazing blogosphere. None of them hurt anybody by doing it, there is nothing to lose but a lot to gain. So let’s start!

1.- Let’s make the first step. This is the first thing we have to realize. We all are or have been newbies, big blogs {I can’t include mine here yet LOL} or established bloggers but that doesn’t mean we have to wait for others to come and love us. I grew up with this saying: “We have to give in order to receive”.

2.- Let’s engage people a lot. Yup! In order to get more audience engagement, you need to engage first. Be part of discussions and conversations.  We can’t do all of them but those we come across during our networking time are good enough. Apart from that, it’s fun and we can gain a lot.

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3.- Let’s Like, Thumbs up, etc a lot. I bet you see more than 10 things you like on your social media channels… Doing that doesn’t hurt. It’s not a life or death decision to click like or +1 on other posts. Come on, guys! That helps others and, believe it or not, it helps us! When I’m networking I click “like” like crazy because I enjoy letting people know that I saw it and I liked it. At some point I’ve been noticed, you will too. Big and Small blogs have so much to share.

4.- Let’s share a lot. That doesn’t hurt either, I promise! LOL. I’m not saying to go and share everything you see, but I bet again that you can find quite a few things you really like that can be shared. That again helps other bloggers and helps us being noticed. When we share, we are telling the author “I loved it so much that I want my audience to see it”.

5.- Let’s comment a lot. I’m not really persistent on this one, but I know because I’ve done, it does generate engagement. Once we become a consistent commenters they tend to pay attention to what we have to say too. According to Reviewz n’ Tips, comments result in more viral traffic: “likes are a great social proof, but comments are a better way to gain exposure”.

6.- In the meantime,  let’s keep asking our readers questions on our social media, trying to connect, get to know them. Maybe some days we won’t get answers but little by little people will come to us.

Also, this Facebook algorithm thing is getting harder for us to reach our audience. I understand some of the reasons FB is doing it but it’s hurting more than just big brands.  What I understood is that they definitely want brands to pay to get their stuff out there as I read in an AdAge post. But many of us are not brands like GE, Samsung, Pampers, so it hurts us too as bloggers who offer content for free.

But I also read somewhere, that FB also wants to give their users relevant information which means that if people don’t interact with our FB pages after liking it, we are not showing on their feeds anymore. I have experienced that BTW. Sometimes I notice that I haven’t seen anything from a specific blogger in a while so I go to her page and like a few things, share some posts and repeat this for a couple of days. I got her posts again on my feeds.  FB will only show on feeds things that they see relevant based on the interaction pages get.  We can manage this by interacting more with our pages.

This is another reason why engaging is a good way to help each other. Let’s just click like, +1 on things that we like even if it’s not perfect, or from a small or big blogger, let’s just give some love. Let’s share all those nice things we see that could be interesting and new. Let’s support each other, we are like a family, we are part of a huge community. Let’s spread the love!

What do you think??? Is there any other tip you know that I haven’t mentioned above and it has helped you gain more engagement from your audience? We all want to know about it on the comments!

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  1. Hey Camila,
    Thanks so much for these awesome tips! I’ve really been focusing on building my audience lately, and being social is, I’m realizing, such an important aspect of being a blogger. What I’m learning is how to manage my time between blogs I love, working on my own blog, building my audience, and having time outside of blogging.
    Oi vey, it can be stressful-but blogs like this really help! Thank you for sharing <3

    1. It’s my pleasure to have helped you Savanna. I totally understand when you talk about time management. It’s really, really hard. It’s so easy to sink into blogging and when you realize you haven’t spent time with other things as important. I don’t think we ever really get a perfect balance. Life is just life, and we always go out of track but of course we can always get back haha. Although life is always a big factor you can always set your goals and if me-time, family-time is in your calendar I’, sure you will be able to manage. I always try to leave weekends for myself and family. When week gets too hard and overwhelming I use some time of the weekend to catch up but still mange to have time for us! As for social media. That is a day by day work. it doesn’t come over night {sadly}. But the best and only way to get noticed is to engage. Talk with fellow bloggers, with readers, ask questions, make readers part of your life, share a bit of your life {not everything of course} each day. Buts most importantly just do it. It’s time consuming and not always easy, some weeks I don’t have the time really, but I try.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read what I had to share and for giving me feedback. It always makes so happy. Hope you have a happy and long blogging journey! If you need anything don’t hesitate to ask!

    1. Thanks so much Ashley, I’m so glad to help!… I’ll keep sharing my experiences! Thanks for the love and support!

    1. That’s the good side of this, we definitely can always do better! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. Hi Cami,
    I am one of the newbies and I really appreciate this information. I will try and show more presence on the social medias. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed. There are so many blogs I really like.. and would love to just hang out at them all the time. Unfortunately, it’s not possible…and that makes me sad. Again, thanks for this insightful information. And by the way I love ya blog.

    1. Hi Trish,

      Feeling overwhelmed is so normal. Blogging can be very challenging if you really want to grow and have a stablished presence. I do love so many blogs too and I would love to be able to visit them every day but as you said it is impossible, so the key is to make the most of our time and if you can only visit once a week or maybe a month then let’s make them feel really loved… Sometimes there are many other ways to show love, like +1, liking and sharing when their posts come across our sight on our feeds.

      The best you can do is being yourself and caring and loving! The rest will come!

      Thanks so much for leaving some love I totally love to have you and that I could help in some way!

  3. These are really good ideas. I think it is hard to find the time, some days. I have found that when I share other bloggers’ content on my Facebook page and link to other blogs in my posts, it does make a difference. Slow and steady, right?

    1. That’s the truth… Slow but steady is the best way!… It’s all about quality, if you have 20 minutes to networking then make the most of it, like, share and comment when you like something! I love networking! =D
      Thanks so much for stopping by, I’m glad you like this post!

  4. Great tips Cami! Thanks so much for sharing this with our Let’s Get Real readers. I think the most important thing to remember is that social media should be “social”. Just like you have written here about commenting and liking and really interacting. It’s not called stalker media. It’s time we get social people!

    1. Of course you are right! and is so much fun when we get the chance to interact and get to know other bloggers! That is what I love the most!
      Thanks so much for your sweet visit!

  5. Thanks so much for this article. I’m a newborn blogger (as in 2 weeks) and I appreciate you sharing what you’ve learned. Have a great weekend!

    1. Oooh That’s so nice to hear from you! I’m sure you are gonna love Blogland {as we call it}. I’m glad you could find some help here. Thanks so much for your sweet visit and if you need anything just let me know!!!

  6. I am so new to blogging that I am learning every day! Thanks for some great tips. The one thing I can work on is asking questions using social media. Great tip! found you at linky party at Creativity Unleashed and glad I did!

    1. Thanks so Much Elizabeth, I see myself as a newbie too. I’m still learning ever day things new! I’m just glad I can share a bit of what has worked for me and maybe it could work for someone else! Glad to be able to help you! If you need anything don’t hesitate to contact me… I’m more than happy to help!

    1. Awwww how awesome!!! Thanks so much for the feature! I’m honoured and super excited! Yayyyy

  7. Some great info. I’ve actually sort of given up on FB. For some odd reason my personal page that I set up just for posting and liking other blog fanpages keeps getting blocked. I noticed that when I like too many pages it happens and I just give up….lol.

    1. Hi Erlene, Yup FB has set a number of likes you can give within a certain period of time. But you can always just scroll down and give a like on things you see that you like!… Even though FB can be challenging and even frustration, don’t give up. FB is not only a source of traffic It’s also a source of awesome friendship! In my opinion that worth a lot more!!!
      Thanks for your sweet visit and love comment… XOXO

  8. Really great tips – so many people have stopped commenting on blogs; they see the link on FB and comment there instead of actually visiting and commenting on the post, and that’s a shame. There’s something satisfying about having a great conversation in your blog comments!

    1. You are totally right about commenting on our blogs. We definitely should do it more! However, if you don’t get engagement from our audience on our social media which os great for getting brands to see us… we don’t grow much either. So I guess it’s good to comment in both places… Don’t you think???

  9. Great honest tips worth sharing. It doesn’t take much more time to share things and comment. It’s well worth it for both involved. Many bloggers love the relationships we build as a result of blogging. I know I do!

  10. I know a lot of folks are going to be breaking up with Facebook. I know many bloggers who barely bother with it anymore since around 2% of followers get to see the post. I guess if you spent all day, everyday interaction on FB that % might get higher. It just seems easier to make use of the other tools that are available and reach a wider audience. It can be hard to pull away sometimes as social media can be a real time suck if you let it. Pinned!

    1. Yup, you are totally right. I can’t spend the whole day in FB either and it would definitely be a time sucker, but I wouldn’t give up on FB. As I mentioned in the post it’s not about being there whole day is to make the time you set up counts. I use all the others tools and Fb is just one more where I’ve made great bloggy friends so I’ll stick around LOL =D. Thanks so much for your thoughts and additions they are very useful!

  11. I’m not a blogger but I do read quite a few. There are many posts that I read and think “that’s neat.” But I don’t comment because just saying, “that’s neat, thanks” feels of little import and isn’t really engaging. Should I be interacting anyway? Do comments like that have value to you and other bloggers?

    1. That’s a really interesting point Julie. Not sure what to answer to that. I think, many people would say maybe it doesn’t add value. Particularly I love any love and any comment. It’s is good to know that people stopped by and liked what I shared. If they want to extend a bit telling what made them feel it is neat, it’s great but just by knowing that someone was on my post and let me know she/he loved it, means a lot to me. Every person might have a different view of that point so I’m talking only for myself. I do enjoy any kind of love from my readers.

      Thansk so much for adding an interesting topic to this post!

    1. Probably we do Rach, and maybe FB get some of our work from us but still it’s worth fighting for our audience!!! =D Thanks so much for stopping by!!!

    1. That’s is great Tonia! and I’m really glad. I believe that in blogging and in real life it applies the same rule: Give in order to receive! SO I guess you have proved that! Thanks so much for your sweet visit!

  12. I really liked your post. I think that I can utilize this in the future. Thank you so much! P.S. I’m following. Follow back? :)

    1. Hi Kate!, Thanks so much, I’m glad you found it useful. And of course I’ll return the love!

    1. Hi Jennifer, Yup it is overwhelming but it also is so full of love and great people. Once you earn their heart, you will get tons of love!

  13. Great post. I agree that is the more you give, the more you receive works for bloggers. It doesn’t work in every field, but really works here. Thanks for putting this together.

    1. Hi Carmody, your are 100% right, this doesn’t apply to every field but in our community does. Here people is loving and caring and wen we feel loved we love right back. I’m glad you found my tips useful and helpful! Thanks so much for your sweet comment!

    1. Hi Amber, I’m really glad that any of these tips can help you. Thanks so much for your visit and your sweet comment!

  14. Thank you for sharing. It seems like I’m doing most of these, but it’s nice to have some reassurance that I’m on the right track. :)

    1. You definitely are Christina. If you put yourself out there and enjoy engaging then you are doing great!!! Thanks so much for stopping by!

    1. Thanks so much Cynthia! I agree 100% engagemente is definitely the key and I’m working on that too! I’m glad to help you! Thanks so much for the visit!!!

    1. Yes, you are definitely right… it has to become an habit and that’s not that difficult either!… I enjoy a lot sharing, sometimes I don’t get that much time but at least i like to give Likes or +1 as I scroll down. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me your thoughts!

  15. Great post Camila! I don’t use Facebook, but I love using Google+; no complications! Linking up to parties is fairly new to me but I am really enjoying meeting other bloggers. Thanks for the info and encouragement you give to all of us!


    1. Thanks so much Val for your sweet words. That is the best part of blogging. Meeting new people and make new friends make this all effort so worth it!