Christmas NO Peeking, Sneaking, or Shaking Sign

My kids love to tease about trying to figure out what their Christmas gifts are before the BIG day. They are a combination of young adults and teens now, so it’s become even more of a family chuckle. So when they saw me making this new sign “No Peeking, Sneaking, or Shaking” they all laughed. Of course Mom would make one that says THAT! But as I told them, everyone needs to know the House Rules! :) This sign was created with a CNC router called a Carvewright. But could also be done with just paint. I’ve included a few steps to help you make one for yourself too!

Christmas NO Peeking, Sneaking, or Shaking Sign



Start with a 24″ by 6″ craft board. This one was 1/2″ thick. I created the design like this.
Click the image above to get a downloadable PDF version of the design, if you would like to recreate this one.
Here is how I created it. First after the design was created, we then set it up to carve. This is how it looked after it was carved out by our Carvewright machine.
After it comes out of the Carvewright, then I used 220 grit sandpaper to sand smooth before starting to paint.
To paint, I filled in all the lower carved areas on the letters with a Christmas Green acrylic paint. If painting one carved like this, don’t worry about how messy, just paint then once dry use your 220 grit sandpaper to take off anything that is over the top of the sign. Then I painted all the letters white and the gift. Leaving the bow to paint a bright green.
Then I finished painting with the Christmas Red acrylic around it all. I saved the red for last because it just seemed easier to do all the detail work first.
Last step, once the paint is all dry, I used a Gloss Clear coat to spray over the entire sign to finish. I hope this has inspired you to create your own. When I am going to just paint from a design, instead of carve, I use carbon paper to transfer the design onto the wood and then paint as you would anything else. This design is simple enough to also hand paint this way. For a hand carved technique, check out these wooden blocks we made for Halloween, and the same steps could be used with this Holiday design above.
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