Digestive S’mores Sandwich

If you are a chocolate fan like me, I’m sure you love s’mores as much as I do. Although I think my girl would beat us all on that. She’s absolutely crazy about the mix marshmallows and chocolate and I think my lil’ bro would follow. A while ago I wanted to try it as sandwich and all I had handy was some digestive graham crackers. My brother agreed that it was worth the try so we did. Oh my! The digestive S’mores sandwich turned out great. We all loved it at least so I said why not sharing it, right?

Digestive S’mores Sandwich

Digestive S’mores Sandwich

You won’t get any easier than this, if you have all the ingredients is a 5-minute thing and you all will be having the treat of your lives! Of course the digestives can be replaced by any graham you like but I must say the digestive tasted so good!

Here is how to make these!


  • Digestive graham crackers
  • Chocolate {we used Hershey’s Kisses but your favorite chocolate will do}
  • Marshmallows


Get a digestive and place some marshmallows over it and then some chocolates. As many as you like and that fits on the graham. I used only 2 and 2.


Put it in the microwave for about 5 to 10 seconds. Depending on the microwave power you might need more or less but heat it no more than 10 sec each time.

Once the chocolate is melted top it with another graham and press!


Oh my! Pure goodness is going to come out the sandwich!!!

There you go repeat with as many sandwiches as you may want!!!

Serve and enjoy!


*As I said before, if you are not fan of digestive grahams, you can use any graham. Your favorite will be perfectly delicious.

Hope you enjoy this recipe and share so more people will hear about it!!!

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Till Next time!

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