DIY Japanese Washi Clay Pot

This Japanese Washi Clay Pot is a sponsored post on behalf of U-CAN. I was sent samples of BiriBiri products to review and was compensated for my time to write this post. All opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

Do you like Japanese Art and all their amazing crafty stuff? I LOVE it. I used to have lots of decorations with Japanese art. My mom is no different. She has a whole shelving with all the Japanese and Oriental decorations she has brought from her trips. Because she loves it so much and because Mother’s day is approaching, I thought it would be a cute idea to make a Flower Pot using Japanese Washi to decorate it. What do you think about this Japanese washi clay pot? I love how it turned out.

DIY Japanese Washi Clay Pot

DIY Japanese Washi Clay Pot

We are also fan of Bamboo plant. We just love them. They are pretty and they are known as protectors from bad vibes too. So I always have one on my desk. I wanted to give my mom some for her so she can have them on her desk.

In my opinion Japan is an awesome craft resource. They are so creative and have the most clever supplies ever. Mom lived in Rusia {in an island close to Japan} for a few years and she went several times to Japan and did some serious shoping… Seriously!!! She got me so many awesome things and I so wished this BiriBiri technique was live by that time.

Then I went to Oman {Middle East} with them and most stores there were Japanese. Weird, I know! So I got the chance to buy lots of crafty stuff myself. I definitely have a thing for Japanese crafts!


Want to know how to make this cute Japanese Washi Clay Pot???

Then check this out!

This tutorial is not about how to use BiriBiri technique. Yeah weird right?

It’s more about what to do with all the Washi you will have when you finish. I got aaaaaaall these washi leftovers! I’m obviously using them in other projects. So I thought… If I showed how to use BiriBiri, why not sharing some ideas about what to do with leftover washi? Good thinking, right?




  • Clay Pot and base
  • White Spray paint
  • BiriBiri Kit


First let’s clean well the pot and paint it with white spray paint. But don’t forget to protect the table or any surface you are painting on!


Start spraying the outside upside down.


It will probably need 2 or 3 coats.


Turn it up and spray it too.


Let it dry for a few minutes or more to be sure it’s very dry LOL.


Once dry clean the surface to avoid dust.

It’s time to start the cute decoration!!!


I recently worked on a Geisha Wall Art made with a BiriBiri kit. I SO loved it. I was completely in love with the washi used for the geisha’s kimono that I had to use the leftovers for something special!


I gave the wall art to my mom and thought that if this was going to be a Mother’s Day gift, it would be cute to coordinate the pot with the wall art! So I did.


Cut Strips of washi. In my case I cut 2 of each because the pot was larger than the paper. I used 2 different patterned washi papers.


With a brush spread the given glue {diluted 1:1 with water as it’s directed} in a line around the pot and place the washi in place tapping with fingers and making air flow away. If the case, add the second strip to finish the loop.


Then apply some more glue on top.


Do the same to the second row.

And then cut a thin strip of another washi to glue it in the middle between both lines.



Again apply the glue in a line around the pot and place the washi. Apply more glue on top.


That’s it!!! I was planning on painting with gold the borders and bottom of the pot but then acrylic didn’t work and I didn’t have oil base paint {sad face}. Gotta get some and have it handy.

I love how it turned up. Even though it’s a simple craft, I love that I can do so many things with the washi. From intricate designs to simple touches that makes the object stand out.

If you have followed the series and all the projects I’ve done, you might already figured that imagination is the limit. With my DIY Painted Jewelry Box I challenged myself because those grapes are tricky and time consuming. Not hard but takes patience. And then I could make this simple and yet cute clay pot, that was easy and quick to have done. I SO love the result. Hope you like it too!

The final touch?

Some cute bamboos!!! Pretty isn’t it?


Because the pot had a whole on the bottom I found a cute white vase to put inside the pot. That way you don’t need to wash the pot, just take out the vase clean and put back. Eventually even change the plant in the future!

There you go!








What do you think??? I would love to hear your thoughts in comments about my DIY Japanese Washi Clay Pot. Have you tried BiriBiri before?

If you don’t know what BiriBiri is, BiriBiri is a new art style from Japan and it consists of cutting and pasting colorful Japanese washi to create images that look like paintings. It was created by U-CAN. U-CAN has aided their customers through each individual’s life-long learning process over the last 60 years. The U-CAN Learning Method (ULM) is a learning platform for BiriBiri techniques to help you develop your artistic style and process. You can watch video tutorials, read easy how-to guides, and ask any questions to BiriBiri teachers online. ULM is available to those who purchase any BiriBiri Project, which includes the ULM and Kit.

If you want to see a few of their designs, check out these projects:

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If you are interested in trying yourself you can, just click through to U-CAN’s website with this link and check out all the kits they have!!!

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Til' next time...

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