How to Find the right Web Hosting for you (So you don’t go crazy)

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Ok here I am, after who knows how long looking for the perfect or right web hosting for my site. If you have been around for a while you know how much I’ve struggled with the hosting subject. Probably some of you are even tired of me and my hosting drama. And I must confess after all was done, I look back and I HAVE to admit I behaved like a drama queen about this. For me, switching host was a huge deal. I was scared of loosing data, traffic of who knows what else, but my heart was actually aching and I still don’t know why. Because I know this journey is painful for most bloggers, I thought it would be good to share with you how to find the right web hosting for you and your site.

How to Find the right Web Hosting for you

How to find the right web hosting for you

When I think about it, why the hell was I so worried if my site and data would still be in my current hosting the whole time? It actually still is; new hosting would give me back my money if it doesn’t work, and we can always switch again, right?… Well lesson learned!!! Actually I learned a lot of things on this journey and the most important is that not every web hosting is the same and not all of them are right for everyone.

First of all let’s state that there’s no such thing as the PERFECT hosting service and no hosts really offers unlimited everything. It’s just a marketing strategy. For unlimited storage or Bandwidth, there should be unlimited hard disks and unlimited memory, which we know they don’t exist, at least not yet anyway. So, getting this out of the way I know now that depending on each type of blog, size and traffic, they would need a different kind of service and hosting provider.

So the big question here is how to choose a host, right?

Well the answer is simple… It depends on what you need and what you can afford.

Let’s start from the beginning…

I started blogging with blogger and I used it for almost a year. I decided I wanted to take my blogging business to the next level and decided to move to WordPress and that meant finding a host. My mom had moved to WordPress a moth before and she had picked iPage because her site is really small and the iPage was really cheap. My mom was happy with it so since I wasn’t monetizing my site much yet, I decided to go with that one too.

After almost 2 years with iPage, with ups and downs in the road, and growing in size and traffic, I started having issues. That’s because a shared hosting can’t handle everything, and the space a hosting company sets up for you could not be the perfect one or you could have not so great neighbors, I don’t really know but there is a percent of luck too.

About a year ago I decided to switch and my first step was asking on one of my mastermind groups what hosts they use and why. I got lots of feedback. Many of my friends shared their insights about their hosting services, about which they think would not be good and what would definitely be a good one. So I stated doing my research on those hosting companies.

After much debating and back and forth I decided to go with A Small Orange. I was being so naïve to think my site would go well in their medium plan with 150GB of bandwidth. After 3 days with them I discovered that not even their large plan would handle my site’s size and then I freaked out completely. I used 14GB of my bandwidth allowance in 3 days. That means in 10 days I would be offline unless I upgrade and probably in less than 20 days I would be offline again at that rate. The problem wasn’t the host, was my site. After researching and researching I figured that my site was huge in size {not in traffic}. A blog with 4.5MB consumes a lot of resources. Bandwidth is basic math: your site’s size times pageviews times a factor that is usually 2. You see my point.

I asked again in the mastermind group for a second round of ideas. And I got many new ones and many new insights that lead me to new research. Now I learned and figured out that all this could be easier and less painful. But sometimes we need the stumbles to see things clearly, right?

At that point I figured that I needed to do 2 things. Optimize my site as much as I could and find a web hosting that was fast and that would limit monthly visits, but not bandwidth. I chatted with many, I did my research on many and I brought the options down to 3, even though one of them had bandwidth limitations. I had chosen WordPress managed Plans with GoDaddy, WordPress managed Personal plan with Media Temple and Pro Plan with RFE.

Then I decided to go with my gut and chose Media Temple, which gives me 2 months free signing up for annual plan, 400K visits as month and 30GB SSD storage {Solid State Drive which is a super fast hard drive}. Also, 2 sites and a lot of room to grow for a reasonable price. GoDaddy was cheaper but at this point even with a tight budget I was looking for more than just low budget.



You may ask, then keep reading…

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