Powerhouse Breakfast Skillet {from Contributor Jamie}Powerhouse Breakfast Skillet {from Contributor Jamie}

Hi, it’s Jamie again from Bugs and Beans I’m excited to be here again and today I’m sharing an easy Powerhouse Breakfast with you! I’ve been on a bit of a health kick lately and have eaten a ton of eggs…well…I love having toast with my eggs, but I’m trying to cut back on bread. When I make this for breakfast I DO NOT miss the toast! That’s huge! So I’d like to share with you this filling breakfast!

Powerhouse Breakfast Skillet

Powerhouse Breakfast Skillet Recipe #breakfastrecipe #skilletrecipe #breakfastidea

The only thing that can take a bit of time with this breakfast is the caramelizing of the onions. BUT, it really just depends on how you like them. I’ve caramelized them for 30 minutes before and I’ve also cooked them for way less, and both has turned out equally great! So it just depends on how you feel about the sweetness of the onions that day or how much time you have.

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11 Comments on Powerhouse Breakfast Skillet {from Contributor Jamie}

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    November 15, 2017

    I have tried many kinds of methods of cooking eggs. They are always simple. I don’t have too much time for cooking breakfast. This simple but yummy recipe seems suitable for me, thanks.

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    Marie says:
    July 1, 2015

    This sounds like a yummy and easy way to start the day! Thanks for the recipe!

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      Camila says:
      July 2, 2015

      Thank you so much for stopping by! glad you liked Jamie’s breakfast idea!

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      Camila says:
      June 28, 2015

      I looks awesome indeed, Jamie shares really yummy and easy recipes!
      Thank you so much for stopping by!

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    Ashley says:
    June 24, 2015

    Oh YUM! This looks great. I’m always looks for new breakfast recipes. Excited to try this one out!

  4. avatar
    Camilla says:
    June 24, 2015

    I love eggs and especially simple good food so will definitely have to try this:-)

    • avatar
      Camila says:
      June 23, 2015

      Thank you Bethany! Jamie makes some delicious recipes around here! Yummm

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