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⁘ 2 July ⁘
White Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake Bars

I saw a recipe like this white chocolate cherry cheesecake bars a while ago and I was so eager to make it but I couldn’t find some of the ingredients so I decided to go for my own version of it and I was not disappointed. It’s creamy and...
⁘ 12 June ⁘
12 Summer Fruit Cakes {The Weekly Round Up}

Hello everyone! Today I’ve collected 12 delicious and mouthwatering summer fruit cakes to inspire you all to make some yummy treats this summer!… I’m particularly attracted to Lemon and orange ones… Actually I’ll share with you very soon an orange cake I made recently Yummm but for now let’s...
⁘ 4 June ⁘
Baked Strawberry Cake Doughnuts

Hi everyone! It’s Dana from This Silly Girl’s Kitchen and I’m so excited to be taking over Cami’s pretty blog today! If you didn’t know, Cami is one of my very best blog friends and I hope you don’t mind if I share this yummy recipe for cake doughnuts...
⁘ 17 April ⁘
15 Decadent Stuffed Brownies {The Weekly Round Up}

Stuffed brownies!, What can be better than that in the afternoon with some milk??? OMG! Brownies can be a terrible weakness. So, since I didn’t want to be alone in this craziness, I collected all these amazing recipes to share them with you in our weekly round up. 15 Decadent...
⁘ 14 April ⁘
Almond Cupcakes with White Chocolate Frosting and Cadbury Creme Egg Topping

Hello everyone! I’m totally in cupcakes and cookie mood lately so I made these super cute and yummy white chocolate almond cupcakes with Cadbury Creme Eggs on top =D  to celebrate Easter. Delicious right?. Isn’t it fun to celebrate seasons with delicious recipes? Remember my St. Patrick’s Day Lime Chocolate...
⁘ 27 March ⁘
25 Mouthwatering Oreo Recipes {The Weekly Round Up}

Hello everyone!… I have a question: Who doesn’t like Oreos??? I would dare to bet that the answer is EVERYONE! LOL {at least almost everyone}.  This time I made a collection of some delicious and mouthwatering Oreo recipes to inspire you as much as I am. 25 Mouthwatering Oreo...
⁘ 26 March ⁘