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⁘ 19 June ⁘
Quesillo, a Traditional Venezuelan Dessert

Today I’m sharing a Quesillo, this is a Venezuelan dessert I learned to make not long ago. It is like a Flan but it tastes very different. It’s awesomely easy to make but it takes its time. Quesillo, a Traditional Venezuelan Dessert I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m...
⁘ 22 May ⁘
Homemade Twix Bars {Guest Post}

Hello everyone! today I have the pleasure to have Stephanie from Simply Dream & Create here as my guest! She is showing us how to make some DELICIOUS Homemade Twix bars, this is making my mouth water as I write! Hope you enjoy and jump over her blog to show...
⁘ 21 May ⁘
Peaches and Cream Pie with Strawberries

When I was living in Venezuela I used to go often to a specific bakery because I LOOOOVED their pies, specially the Fruit and Cream Pies Yuuummm!. Here I haven’t seen anything like it so I made my own version of it and let me tell you this Peaches...