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⁘ 17 December ⁘
Snickers Bar Chunks Cheesecake

I got so inspired seeing so many great dessert recipes out there that I couldn’t help joining 2 things I LOVE {besides Nutella of course}: Snickers Bars and cheesecake =D.  Adding chunks to it makes so much difference LOL. It’s so yummy! Snickers Bar Chunks Cheesecake   I really...
⁘ 31 October ⁘
25 Super Yummy Nutella Recipes

These delicious Nutella recipes including Nutella pudding, Nutella brownies, and Nutella cookies are mouthwatering and crazy easy to make. I have a few obsessions and Nutella is definitely one of them! I’m not the kind of person who gets a whole spoon of Nutella and eat it but anything...
⁘ 17 October ⁘
Arroz con Leche – Rice Pudding

Classic quick, simple, easy and comforting, this Rice Pudding recipe is sweet and simple. Deliciously creamy and rich it’s the best cool weather dessert,  perfect for the whole family to enjoy any time. Arroz con Leche – Rice Pudding I learned this Arroz con Leche {rice pudding} recipe when...