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DIY Milk Carton Easter Favor Box Cover image with title overlay

DIY Milk Carton Easter Treat Box

Are you looking for Easter craft ideas? Learn how to make a Milk Carton Easter Treat Box. This is a fun, cute and easy Easter craft idea.

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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 40 minutes
Total Time 50 minutes
Servings 1
Author Camila


  • Free DIY Milk Carton Easter Treat Box cut file or printable
  • Cutting machine and/or Scissors and craft knife
  • Glue UHU, Hot glue gun, cold silicon, any glue that won't damp the cardstock
  • Your favorite cardstock I used this rainbowish that I love
  • Gol cardstock for decoration
  • 1 Mini Clothespin
  • 1 Ribbon bow
  • Small paper flowers or your favorite decorative elements
  • 1 Clear acetate sheet reused from other boxes work too
  • Yummy candies!
  • A sharpie


  1. Firstly grab your files and decide how you are going to proceed. If you have a cutting machine, then go ahead and cut your template.

  2. I used decorated cardstock for the milk carton and gold cardstock for the egg and bunny decoration.
  3. If you decide to cut by hand then you will find a PDF for you to print. Make sure you don't fit to page nor modify the size in any way so your decoration will fit perfectly. As I mentioned before, you can decide whether not to cut out the shapes from the milk carton and add decorations as you like!
  4. Also, if you printed your template, then using your ruler and scissors, score along all the dashed lines.
  5. Once you have the template ready, fold following the folding lines. For this part of the process, I recommend checking out the video (second 00:27).
  6. Simulate the assembling of the box to make sure you got everything right.
  7. Then open it again and lay it down inside facing up.
  8. Place your acetate sheet on top of the egg and bunny cutouts. Make some marks to cut rectangles that would cover around the designs.
  9. Cut 4 acetate rectangles.
  10. Then using hot glue or your favorite glue (I don't recommend white glue) secure the acetate in place covering completely the eggs and bunnies.
  11. Then secure by gluing the tab.
  12. Fold in the bottom: short shape first, then side flaps, then secure the bottom with glue.
  13. Apply glue to the back of each egg and bunny frame and place it to match the milk carton cutouts.
  14. Secured the milk carton with a pressure paper clip to create the shape.
  15. Decorate each side (if desired) with cute paper flowers.
  16. Mines were made with paper much cutting different color cardstock and gluing 2 different shades.
  17. I placed single flowers as the base to simulate volume and then placed a double one on top. Add rhinestones if desired.
  18. Repeat on each side if desired.
  19. Fill your cute milk carton treat box with all the candies you want. I used kinder eggs, some other smaller chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies.
  20. Glue the ribbon bow to the one side of the clothespin.
  21. Secure your milk carton with your cute bow clothespin.
  22. You are done!