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DIY Wall Diaper Stacker Tutorial Cover Image

DIY Wall Hanging Diaper Stacker Tutorial

This cute wall-hanging diaper stacker is a nice touch, a simple and easy diaper organizer, and the perfect solution for a small nursery. Learn how to make it.
Course DIY & Craft
Cuisine For Kids, Sewing
Keyword diaper stacker pattern, hand-sew diaper stacker, nursery decoration, wall diaper stacker
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 3 hours
Total Time 3 hours 15 minutes
Servings 1 Diaper Stacker
Author Camila Rojas
Cost 35


  • Sewing Machine *Optional


  • Cute fabrics you like in my case I used 3 different fabrics including the lining for the inside of the diaper stacker. Approx. a yard of each
  • Interfacing 1/4 yard
  • Ribbon approximately 1/2 inch wide.
  • embellishment cute details like plush bear, anything you like
  • Piece of cardboard.
  • Contact paper
  • A clothes hanger.
  • Matching threads and needle
  • Scissors
  • Ruler and measuring tape
  • Fabric chalk or marker.



  • Create or download the pattern guide. I’m sharing the free diaper stacker sewing pattern download for you. Just remember that this is for personal use only and no commercial use is allowed.
  • Transfer the pattern to the fabric leaving about 1/8 inch on each side for seam allowance.
  • The following is basic.
  • I cut all my diaper stacker pieces and got ready to start.


  • I first sewed the main parts of the body (front, back, and both sides) of both the main fabric and the lining. In my case, it was the same fabric.
  • The front pieces should be the first and last to sew as shown in the chart below.
  • We need to make this with interior and exterior pieces to build the body.
  • Then I put these lining and outer fabric layers right side together and sewed the side edges.
  • I turn it inside out and irone it.


  • This part is the tricky one. Use the help of pins.
  • On one side of the base, the shorter sides, I left it open to insert a piece of cardboard to give strength to the base and remove it when I want to wash the bag.
  • With the base pieces already cut, I took the body of the diaper bag to sew them together.
  • Make a hem on one short side of the lining fabric piece.
  • Center raw edges of both ends to the base right sides together and pin in place.
  • The body would be sandwiched between both fabrics of the base.
  • It should look like a sandwich: fabric base-body-lining fabric base.
  • Pin in place around the edge of the base. The best way is to let the body corner seams must coincide with the corners of the base.
  • Make sure that the opening of the base (lining fabric) goes inside the bag with the lining fabric. These two pieces should be right sides together.
  • Start sewing from the middle of the long side of the base where your diaper stacker opening is.
  • As you stitch through the corner, move your body fabric away so you don’t accidentally stitch it.
  • When you hit the side that is supposed to have the cardboard opening, sew only the body with the main fabric and leave the lining fabric out.
  • The whole fabric from the body will be coming out from the opened side of the base.
  • Right there you should be able to turn it inside out.
  • Then I cut a rectangle of cardboard to the same side of the base and I wrapped it in contact paper so it would last longer.
  • I inserted it through the opening on the base.
  • And I made some invisible stitches to secure the opening. But this is totally optional since you might want to remove it to wash the diaper stacker.
  • The body and base are finished.


  • Apply the interfacing to one top portion piece following the manufacturer’s instructions. This is to make it slightly sturdier than the rest.
  • Pin the top pieces right sides together. Stitch both sides and the curvy. Do NOT stitch or close the 2 peaks on top because that’s where the hanger ribbon will be serged.
  • I cut 2 strips of ribbon of about 16 inches each and folded them in half.
  • Then inserted the folded end of the strip inside the top through the opening we left before until it was about 1/8 inch out.
  • Stitched several times to reinforce it and be able to handle the weight of all the diaper packs with diapers inside.
  • Then I turned it inside out and ironed it.
  • With the iron, I marked the top’s bottom edge hem (only fold mark).
  • Then make a pleat on each side of the body folding it inward (this is what I did) as a gift bag.
  • Insert the body through the opening of the top piece about 1/8 inch. Sew diaper stacker top from side to side.
  • Now the diaper stacker is done.
  • Just need the embellishments.


  • I stitched the ribbon to the top’s stitches to hide the visible seam. Topstitch along the outer seamed edge only of the ribbon.
  • I loved it so much that I decided to do the same in the edges of the opening of the diaper stacker.
  • The final touch was a teddy bear stitched to the top of the opening.
  • What do you think… Isn’t it cute???
  • To hang it you have 2 options: Hanging it from the crib or from a hanger.
  • And here you have it. The Diaper stacker is attached to the hanger.