Wall Diaper Stacker. A nice touch for a baby room.

DIY Wall Diaper Stacker Tutorial.

When Emma was born, I always had in mind that I wanted a convenient place to keep diapers clean and free of dust. At first, Since I was new in Span, I had no supplies to make anything myself, so I used a few organizers box from IKEA to keep diapers in on place but I didn’t like that the diapers  were exposed to dust.  After a while I got some nice fabric that my mother in law sent me and my first thought was, “I’ll make a wall diaper stacker / bag =D”. I had no sewing machine so I set out to do it with my hands.  Wall Diaper Stacker/Bag. A nice touch for a baby room.

Based on styles I had seen in stores and on the web, I made myself the pattern. Luckily it is pretty basic and easy to make. Right now since the diaper bag was already made long ago, I can’t offer you a step by step with photos, but I’ll try to explain as best as possible with some graphics. I did hidden seams so it can be a bit complicated to explain but I’ll do my best mixing graphics with photos. Keep in mind that mine is already made, so you will see pre-made areas in the pictures from which I’ll be explaining the steps. Please use the image as reference only. Supplies:

  • Fabrics you like, in my case I used 3 different fabrics including one for the inside of the diaper. Approx ½ yard of each
  • Gusset ( To stop only)
  • Ribbon approximately 1/2 inch wide.
  • embellishment ( plush bear, anything you like)
  • Piece of cardboard.
  • A clothes hanger.

Basically the diaper is like a travel box of tissues. So first thing I did was to cut the fabric according to the diagram that you can download the pattern HERE. I always leave about 1.2 inch on each side for seam allawance. The following is basic. I decided I wanted it to be lined inside so when open it and take the diaper, it would look nice in the background =DI also wanted to have hidden seam. So the whole pattern {except for the top} is all double cut. I first sewed the front, back and both sides of the fabric and the lining. The front pieces should be the first and last to sew as shown in the chart.

Then I put these two parts (lining and outer fabric) right side together and sewed around the edges. I turned it inside out and ironed. Now this is left aside.

The Base. This part is the tricky one. Use the help of pins. One side of the base, the shorter sides, I left it open to put the cardboard to give strength to the base and remove it when you want to wash the bag.

With the base already cut, I took the body of the diaper bag to sew them together. Center raw edges of both ends to the base right sides together and pin in place. The body would be sandwiched between both fabrics of the base. Start sewing from the middle longer side of the base. Make sure that opened side of the bottom goes inside the bag with lining fabric or the main fabric if you prefer.

It should look like a sandwitch: fabric base-body-fabric base.  Pins in place around the edge of the base. The best way is let the body corner seams must coincide with the corners of the base.

Sew only one short side in sandwich since the other one is suppose to be open.

The whole fabric from the body will be coming out from the opened side of the base.

Right there you should be able to turn it.

The Top.  Pin pieces right sides together. Stitch together except for the 2 peaks on top where would be the ribbon serged.

I cut 2 strips of ribbon of about 16 inches each and folded it in half. The folded end of the strip was insert inside the top (without turning it, since I’m stitching that) until it was about 1/2 inch out and sewed several times to reinforce and be able to handle the weight of all the diaper bag with diapers inside. Then I turned it and ironed. With the iron I marked the bottom cuff (only fold mark).

Make a pleat in each side folding it inward (this is what I did) like a gift bag .

Stitch the top to the body by inserting the body in the the top.

Now the diaper stacker is done.  Just need the embellishments. I stitched the ribbon to hide the seam in the top and the opening of the bag. The final touch was a teddy bear stitched to he top of the opening.

What do you think… Isn’t it cute???

The I cut a rectangle of cardboard and I wrapped it in contact paper so it would last longer.

I inserted it through the opening on the base.

And I made some stitches to secure the opening.

To hang it you have 2 options on the crib or on a hanger. I used a cute and decorated hanger I found on a store.  I would have loved if the tiger were a bear but that’s what I found.

I tied the stacker to the hanger with the strips of ribbon. I made a cute bow on both sides.

and Here you have it. The Diaper bag/stacker hung to the hanger.




Not sure if all these instructions are clear enough, I’m not a perfect sewer and my English is far from perfect but I wanted to try at least to share it with you. It would have been a lot easier if I would have taken pictures while I was making it but I wasn’t blogging then =(. However you can ask any question you may have on the comments or mailing me. That’s how my little girl’s bedroom look now!… I Love it!


What do you think? Not bad to be hand-sewed, right???

Till Next time!

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