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Easy DIY Rustic Spring Wreath

Easy DIY Rustic Spring Wreath

If you love Spring as much as I do and also love wreaths, you will so love this Easy DIY Rustic Spring Wreath. Easy, pretty and on a busget!
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Making felt Flowers 30 minutes
Total Time 1 hour
Servings 1
Author Camila Rojas
Cost 15


  • Hot glue gun


  • 10-12 Felt Flowers and leaves
  • 1 Grapevine Wreath
  • 1 Green felt
  • Twine as needed
  • 1 yard Burlap ribbon
  • Hot glue bars as needed
  • 1 “Home" Cut-out wood sign.
  • 1 White Spray Paint *Optional if your sign isn’t white like mine.


  • Using your wreath as your base trace the shape of the space you want to decorate on your wreath.
  • Cut it off and Let’s start.
  • I started with both ends by gluing some leaves on each. This is optional, you can start however you like.
  • Then make your composition over the green felt base. Arrange your Felt flowers as you love and in a way you will remember. Just play around with the flowers and leaves.
  • Once you are happy with your opposition, start gluing each flower in place. Also apply some glue between flowers on the touching sides.
  • Then glue the leaves every now and then where you had planed it.
  • Now you have your bouquet. Place them on the wreath and make sure everything fits and looks as you like.
  • Place your sign right above the bouquet and make sure you like how it looks. Adjust placement if needed.
  • Since I like to re-invent my wreath for every season or holiday, I never use hot glue or anything permanent to affix things to the wreath. I rather use twine, yarn, even wire but nothing that would damage the wreaths. It makes taking it apart and making another one so much easier!
  • So, once you are happy with your wreath so far, cut some strips of twine (I used 5 in total).
  • Turn over your bouquet and glue one strip of twine on each end and another one on the center.
  • I covered each glued twine strip with a piece of the same green felt to make it stronger.
  • Place your wreath over the back of the bouquet and tie a bow with each twine strip.
  • Turn it over and place your “Home" sign where you want it and with 2 strips of twine tie it on the back like you did the bouquet. I used the holes on the H and the e to insert the twine.
  • There you go!
  • You are only one step closer to be all ready!
  • Use your burlap ribbon to hang your wreath on your door!!!!