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Hello everyone! and welcome to my blog I’m so excited you are here!!!

My name is Camila and I’m a web and graphic designer, a mum, a wife and a crazy crafter =P. I’m a Venezuelan living in Colombia! I love crafts in every way and color. This blog is my happy little spot where I share my handmade cards, my handcrafts, Tutorials DIY, recipes, and offer my services for Websites and Blog Design at TCN Design Studio. Thank you for stopping by and hope you stay for a while get to know me a bit better and come back later for more. A little bit about me I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I lived there intermittently until the age of 6, at that age we moved permanently to Venezuela, specifically San Cristobal, Tachira State, where I lived for four years and moved again to Zulia State where I lived until the age of 25. My parents left the country when I was 24 but I stayed because I wanted to work and practice my profession in which I already had a job.

The next year I got a better job in Caracas in an Advertising Agency and moved in. I met my husband at that job (he was my boss LOL) and 3 and a half years later we got married, Yayyyy! Less than a year later we decided to move to London looking for a better quality of life but while we were there studying English, our daughter came into the equation. So since I have Spanish nationality, we decided to go to Spain to have our baby.

About Me

Sadly the situation in Spain wasn’t any easier so we went to Colombia (South America), where we lived for almost 3 years and now I’m in Spain. I must add I’m very happy to be back!

Why am I blogging?

I created this blog for many reasons. I’ve got to confess, I got here having no idea what it meant to have a blog and all the potential it had. I thought that a blog was like having a website, just upload my handmade cards and crafts that I wanted to share and that was it… Yeah right!!!…

Wow, what a mess I got into… Actually, it is my beautiful mess now =D. It hasn’t been easy… AT ALL. I’ve been making crafts, feeding my blog and learning how to make it work, all at the same time and on the go. Everything has been step by step, following my instincts and making so many discoveries every day that are such a big deal to me and perhaps something basic for many of you.

But anyway, this world is awesome! I love to share, I love to make new friends, I love to see and learn new things, I love to craft, I love to write… everything I love (apart from my family and friends) is right here, so here is where I want to be =D. I truly hope that you do too, hahaha!!!

Some facts about me:

  • I truly believe in God!… He is always my guide.
  • I Love Brazilian, Venezuelan and Colombian food… Badly LOL
  • I’m stubborn… too stubborn! I don’t give up easily.
  • I love to eat good food but I hate to cook!… I do it though lol.
  • I don’t like seafood.
  • I absolutely love shoes and boots.
  • I’m totally and crazily in love with my daughter.
  • I’m VERY romantic and a dreamer.
  • I LOVE my morning coffee even if I don’t finish it =P.
  • I’m Crazy about Owls and Dragons. The first one because they are too cute and the second one because they are mystic, magical, they inspire power and strength from the heart. I have a Dragon tattoo on my neck!

3 Best moments of my life (in chronological order)

1. My graduation.

It was so important to me to have a profession I love graphic design so much, that when I accomplished that goal, receiving my Diploma with my mom and dad by my side it felt so good. I was so satisfied that I couldn’t put it into words. I also got the Cum Laude Distinction. That was quite an achievement in my heart. I worked as a Graphic Designer and Art Director for almost 9 years and I can say that I was very happy as a professional.

2. My Wedding Day.

I had a small but so beautiful wedding, our family helped us putting everything together, only the closest friends and family, everybody put in something and it was the best night of my life. I have to confess, I drunk so much Champaign that everybody used to make fun about my glass and me. I wouldn’t leave it anywhere LOL. Anyway, everything went so perfect. The DJ (I have no idea how) guessed one of my favorite songs and played when I was making my entrance, I couldn’t believe it. And then there he was, my perfect soul mate, waiting for me so handsome. I was the happiest girl in the whole world that day.

3. Pregnancy and giving birth to Emma.

Emma wasn’t planned… at all!!!. But when I found out I was pregnant, I felt this amazing huge feeling that I was prepared for it, more than prepared and that I really wanted her. For some reason I always knew it would be a SHE, I dreamed about her 3 times before hitting the 4th month, The doc just confirmed it LOL.

The situation around my pregnancy wasn’t too good. I was in a new country only with a couple of family members and new friends. The summer here hits hard and with no older and closer friends it was a hard time for me, but when she was coming all that went away for me at that moment…

That day was PERFECT, no problems or complications, I had her normally in less than 6 hours (total from the moment I got to the hospital to when she came out LOL) and when I saw her face everything in my whole life made complete sense, I definitely was made to be a mom.

That perfect little human being was mine, mine, mine and she was beautiful to me, I couldn’t help crying like a child holding my hubby’s hand.

THAT was the most perfect moment of my life!

My hobbies

Well, my biggest hobby became my job now: CRAFTS!!! So there is not much to say that you already don’t know!

I love photography. I enjoy capturing good moments, nature, beauty…Anything pretty. However, photography has become more like a job than a hobby because lifestyle blogging means LOTS of photos and lots of edition moments.

I enjoy a good movie, a nice chat, a nice book, traveling (even though I haven’t traveled as much as I would like) and of course, my favorite is spending time with my hubby and Em.

I’ll leave some pics of special, funny, emotional, weird and crazy moments of my life.

I wasn’t drunk, just happy…..

This is another love of my life, mi little brother {that is not so little anymore} Juan Diego! <3


8 Month and counting!!!


Hey YOU!!!

Hitting the 9th month.. o.O

la foto(10)

41 Weeks 2 days and she was very comfy in there!!!

41 Weeks and 4 days… She’s finally here!!! Completely in love…

This is the most beautiful and emotive picture I’ve ever seen and I took it =D.

My mom and Em!

Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to get to know me a little bit better.

Hope you like it and come around soon!

See ya!