I am what I am and who I am because of the people who have given me their support and love. My biggest motivations are my husband and my daughter, who gives me the strength to be better every day and bring up everything I want to achieve.

I want to give special credit to the blog who programmed this blog with all her love, she gives her support unconditionally every day: my mom: Programando la Vida

To Cesar, my dad, who has always been by my side giving me his support and love in every step.

To my aunty who never denies optimistic and motivating words. Dulce Luz

To my whole family, both mine and my husband’s who has always been there for me even in the distance giving their support and love unconditionally. I’ve seen so many beautiful ideas, all with a special touch from the authors, many of them share the how to’s, others show the different facets of their product. Each one brings something essentially important to the creative process because it opens your mind to the myriad of things that can be achieved deserve their proper credit.

Many of the resources I use such as digital papers and illustrations, I get them from wonderful artists and designers on the web and they also deserve credit.

I’ve had the chance as well to get to make amazing blogger friends, who have given me their support and taught me a lot about this world.

Thank you so much to ALL!!!