9 Simple Photo Editing Tips that will make Your Blog Photos Awesome!

You all know how important images are, right? It’s the first thing we see and usually what makes us get interested or push us away. In the Blogging world, photos are {besides the content itself and SEO} the most important aspect of our content. Especially when it comes to social media. When you are on Pinterest, you don’t pin a dark, dull and bad composed picture to your boards. You just scroll down and keep going. I bet you don’t even actually see those pictures because they don’t pup up. I do see them because while I’m surfing the net, besides looking for inspiration, I also look for new ways to compose my photos. Today I’m sharing 9 simple photo editing tips so you can create awesome blog photos.

9 Simple Photo Editing Tips for Awesome Blog Photos

9 Simple Photo Editing Tips for Awesome Blog Photos

If you are a blogger, you know what I’m talking about. Either if you are starting or a established blogger, you know how important your photos are. Of course most of us, when we started, we didn’t really know much about what was the deal so we just took pictures with our phones or compact camera and uploaded to our posts. Am I close?

The problem is not really the camera itself, is more about how you take your photos and then how you edit them.

You see…

The biggest mistake we can make is to use the photos just like they come out of the camera or phone. I mean, for blogging purposes. Especially when you are a food blogger, every photo needs some touches and love so they get more attractive. A dish can be mouthwatering but a bad photo can disgust people and drive them away. I know because I’ve been there. You have no idea how  really bad were my photos from my first posts and Oh boy! I so need to update those. I also have been driven away from a post because of the photos.

So, please, if you are a blogger, don’t under-estimate, not for a second, the importance of your blog’s photos. Before you even think of understanding techy stuff, go for a how to take photos and how to edit your photos first.


In this post I’m not going to teach how to take photos because that would take a really long post and also probably a series of posts. What I want to give you is some really important but simple photo editing tips so your photos will look amazing. I’ll also share a couple tips for while you are taking your photos that I think will make a huge difference while you are editing them.

Of course, editing doesn’t fix composition, styling or the choice of colors and props on your setup. Again, that’s a conversation for another time. Editing will help you make your already well taken photos stand out and get a lot of eyes on them.

So let’s get to it!

While taking the photos Tips


Yes. ONLY NATURAL LIGHT. Even if you have fancy lighting equipment, you can never beat the power of natural light. I know there are great ways to make awesome photos with artificial light, but believe me Sun/Day light has that something that can be beaten. It’s also good to make the light come from sides or slightly diagonal to back. This creates great looking photos.


A light bouncer can be bought or simply made with some foam board. I specially like white bouncer or white foam board. This will help you fill the subject with enough light so you won’t get those hard shadows. You can use one, or two, or as many as you think will work best. Unless of course the main purpose of your photo IS actually those high contrast, dark{ish} styling.


Yes pleaseeee. Especially if where you are, there is not enough light. The camera probably will need slow shooter speed and no matter how still you can be, the image will still have some blur in it. Most importantly, since the ideal is to shoot with no more than 400 ISO, the tripod becomes your best friend to get a sharp and crisp photo.

Ok so, while Editing, Photo Editing Tips

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