DIY Sparkling Love Valentine’s Day Letter Blocks

With Valentine’s Day approaching so fast only inspiration is in the air! While searching for inspiration for our mantel I came across this cute idea of Valentine’s Day letter blocks and I told myself that’s perfect for our home! I’ve been wanting to make some seasonal message sin blocks but really never had the chance nor the supplies in the moment. This year I said… Ok I’m making it! Hope you like it.

DIY Sparkling Love Valentine’s Day Letter Blocks

DIY Sparkling Love Valentine’s Day Letter Blocks

The post that inspired me to make these cuties belongs to Memories by Me. She made some really cute blocks using photos of her wedding. So so cute!

I didn’t use any photo but I did use some cute scrapbook papers, letters and lot’s of glitter LOL.

I might have done it the hard way but I still loooove the final result. It’s not easy but it does take some time. It took me almost a whole morning to make these. Working with paint and glue means let it dry so, that’s mostly what makes the process longer!

So Let’s make some cute Valentine’s Day Letter Blocks!


  • 4 Wooden blocks {size of your choice}
  • Different scrapbook papers
  • White glue and adhesive spray.
  • Glitter {color of your choice}
  • Acrylic paint {colors of your choice}
  • Brushes
  • Gold cardstock or double-sided adhesive.

First I made my Love letters. Each letter in a different font. Send to cut if you have a cutting machine. If not you can always transfer the letter design later directly to the blocks.


If you like this LOVE design you can get the cutting file HERE.


Once you have all cut we start working with the blocks.

Remove all dust of your blocks.

Cut some scrapbook paper pieces. I cut mines 1 cm smaller that the blocks.


I used pink and white for the blocks. I painted 2 blocks in white and 2 in pink.


I prepared my pink using some magenta, a drop of yellow and white. I also went against all painter’s ideas and added water to make it thinner LOL.

Paint all the blocks, as you like and let them dry completely. These are mine:


Glue your scrapbook papers to each side of the block. Except for the base {unless you want to}. I used adhesive spray, but you can use your preferred glue. I applied the spray outside because of the strong smell. I always recommend doing this outside the house. Let it dry for a few minutes.


Then using a darker pink and a small brush, take some paint in the brush and spread it on a paper until the brush gets drier.


Brush the edges of the blocks and close to the edges of the paper as well to give kind of an old look.


When done, work on the letters. I cute the letters on a gold cardstock but you can use any color or do the letter directly on the blocks. It’s totally up to you.


In this case, I spread some glue all over the letter {you can also use double-sided adhesive paper} and then spread some glitter on it.


Let the glitter sit for a few minutes {you can even place a piece of paper on top and make some pressure with your hand so the glitter sticks well}. Remove all the glitter from the letters and put the remaining glitter back in the container. Let it dry well.


When is dry, glue each letter to your blocks. I used in this case white glue. Again let it dry well.


Then I played around making hearts on the other sides of each block and glittering it. Let it dry! In this step I even let my girl participate and add the glitter and tell what shapes she wanted. Lots of fun!!!


Your Valentine’s Day letter blocks are ready to decorate your mantel or any other place!!!


Hope you enjoyed this project tutorial. This project is also super kids friendly. Would love to hear your opinion in comments!

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Till Next time!


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  1. Camila

    Looks really great! This could work for any occasion. Will definitely try this. Looking forward to more creative posts.

  2. Camila

    The blocks are a great idea and so well executed.

    1. Camila

      Thanks a bunch!!! So glad you like it!!!

  3. Camila

    these are so cute! they make great V-day decor or just photo props :) love this ♥

  4. Camila

    Very cute and creative! Pinning. Visiting from HomeStories A to Z linky party.

  5. Camila

    This is so adorable! I love that you added glitter to the blocks as well. :)

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