DIY Ombre Chevron Placemats

Hello everyone, Today I’m sharing a fun and super decorative craft. I made some ombre chevron placemats, believe it or not I love Chevron and this is the very first chevron craft that I make LOL. My mom’s current dining table is white so they look so nice. Hopefully after the big move they will looks as good on the wood dining table she has on the other house LOL.

DIY Ombre Chevron Placemats

DIY Ombre Chevron Placemats Tutorial

This craft is really fun and easy, I love playing with paint =D.  This time I didn’t use brushes with the freezer paper, just paint and a sponge. Working with Freezer paper can be tricky sometimes but the results are so cute. I love how my Titi’s Freezer Paper Stenciled Butterflies Onesie turned out. So I keep using it and her you have it.

What you need:

  • 4 pieces of fabric {45×35 cm}
  • Fabric Paint {color of your choice + White}
  • Freezer paper
  • Sponge
  • Stick or small brush



Hem around each side of the fabric.



I cut some chevron stripes of freezer paper with my Silhouette Cameo. You can do it either with the Cameo or masking tape if you don’t have it. Place the chevron stripes over the fabric trying to keep an even distance between each stripe. If using freezer paper like me, Iron it to the fabric.


Place some paint on a plate {In my case I made the color I wanted mixing colors} and with the sponge, I spread the paint with small taps until fill all the area. I like it like that because the paint doesn’t leak into the freezer paper.


Every 2 or 3 rows add some white paint to the color you are using and mix well with a stick or brush.


Keep doing this until all the rows are painted. Let it dry


Once dry, remove the freezer paper carefully.


That’s it! Repeat with the other placemats. Woot!