Valentine’s Day Easy Paper Heart Garland

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. How ready are you??? I’m getting there! With this cute Valentine’s Day easy paper heart garland I finished my mantel decoration and I couldn’t be happier! I made my whole mantel pink, red and gold. I love that color combo and let’s be honest, where does gold look bad? LOL

Cute Valentine’s Day Easy Paper Heart Garland

Valentine’s Day Easy Paper Heart Garland

I chose my style and color combo from the beginning. I was tempted to make it red, black and gold but my girly side was stronger so I added the pink. I’m really happy to have heard my girly side though! I so love how my garland and the whole mantel turned out.

You can check out my Sparkling Love Valentine’s Day Letter Blocks and my Layered Heart Pattern Valentine’s Day Frame that I made for this mantel for more inspiration!

So, How to make this cute and easy paper heart garland?

This is SOOOO easy and inexpensive!


  • Cardstock in different colors.
  • Yarn
  • Heart paper punch or a cutting machine.

If you are using Silhouette Cameo You can download my cut file HERE or use any heart from the Silhouette store!

First set the size you want the hearts to me and then cut as many hearts as you can in your mat.


I cut 20 hearts of each cardstock color. I made 3 sets or hearts in total.

Once hearts are ready cute 2 threads of yarn about 2 yards each or longer if you want {you might need more hearts}


Make tight knots ate the end of each yarn thread.


Make 2 cuts with your cuter about in the middle of each heart. You can use a paper punch or a yarn needle. I wanted the hearts tight in the yarn but I didn’t have a needle for yarn so I used cutter to open up a space to insert the yarn through the heart.


Insert the yarn from the back to the front and then to the back again.


Play with color patterns. I did it Pink-red-pink-gold-red-pink-red-gold.


Keep going until you fill each thread and leave about 10 inches on each end.


Then do the same for the other 2 threads!


There you go!!! Let’s decorate!


I made the hearts go different ways. Two heart threads go left and one goes right. And I also made them have different levels on their ends.

Hope you like this quick and fun craft for Valentine’s Day! This super cute and easy paper heart garland is so much fun to make with kiddos too!

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Valentine’s Day Easy Paper Heart Garland

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  1. Camila

    Thanks for sharing, this is so interesting I will try to make it.

  2. Camila

    So cute! I may look at the origami fortune cookies next, they look fun!

  3. Camila

    So, so pretty and easy! Love the colors!

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