DIY Layered Heart Pattern Valentine’s Day Frame (+ Free Cut File)

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and love is in the air already. It’s time to get inspired and decorate our home even if it’s just a spot like a mantel or something. I’m keeping my mantel tradition so I’m working on different crafts to make it pretty. Today I’m sharing this cute and super easy to make layered heart pattern Valentine’s Day frame.

DIY Layered Heart Pattern Valentine’s Day Frame + Cut File

DIY Layered Heart Pattern Valentine’s Day Frame + Cut File cover image with text overlay

I love this frame with all my heart. If you have been around for a while you probably noticed already LOL. The possibilities are endless. Love that I can make layered crafts or 3D shapes in it. You will probably see a lot more crafts with this frame in the feature!

Layered Heart Pattern Valentine’s Day Frame Tutorial.


  • White cardstock
  • Red cardstock.
  • Glue and gold glitter.
  • Foam double-sided tape.
  • Cutter or scissors.
  • A 3D frame.

First thing I did was creating the design using the frame’s measures. I represented the empty hearts as red since that would be the color that would be behind. Used gold{ish} color to represent the gold glitter heart. And the gray lines for the white hearts.

Screen-Shot of design

I made a copy of the design and converted everything in simple lines, all in black. Remove any grouping or compound path so I could export the design as a .dxf file. This type of file is accepted by Silhouette Studio.

I opened my Silhouette Studio and opened the .dxf file.

Screen-Shot of vector design

I gave the design style again just so I don’t forget what is what.

Screen-Shot of design for cutting machine

Then I divided the design into two. One with all the hearts that would be layered and the other that would have the hollow hearts and the “I” and “U” letters. This last one I added a squared line with the exact measures of the inner area of the frame.

Screen-Shot of selected parts of design

You can get the cut file HERE

and you can also snag the printable version HERE

*Please keep in mind that these freebies are for personal use only, no commercial purposes are allowed, and neither is copying parts or its total. Enjoy!

Screen-Shot of selected parts of design

Sent to cut one design at a time.

cutting machine working

Look how cute the hearts look!!!!

image detail of cut hearts

So, ok it’s time to assemble the pieces.

image of the assembly of the paintings

I cut a frame to use around the red cardstock. This piece should be the same size as the sample page that comes with the frame. Set this aside.

white cardstock frame around the red cardstock

I took my white cut cardstock and recreated the design with the hearts.

 white cut cardstock recreating
 the design with hearts

Then using the double-sided tape I place each heart in place. I wanted them really separated from the base, so used double tape LOL.

closer view of double-sided tape placed each heart in place

I went one by one making sure they kept the line straight.

placing the cut hearts on the cardboard
image of the design of the hearts already placed

Then for the last heart, I applied regular glue, spread with my fingers and spread some glitter!!!!!! I let it dry for a few minutes.

placing white glue on the cut heart
placing gold glitter over the heart

I went back to the red cardstock. Carefully I applied double-sided tape in the corners and different places making sure not to put any take where the hollow hearts would be.

double-sided tape applied to the corners of the back of the red cardboard

Again carefully, I placed the heart pattern on top of the red cardstock as centered as possible.

close view of finished design

When gold heart was dry, I applied some tape and put it between the “I” and “U”.

showing the heart with gold glitter to place it in the design
close up view of golden heart on design

The design is ready!!!!

The design is ready

Time to put it in the frame facing down. I closed the frame and voila!!!

placing the design inside the picture frame
layered heart pattern Valentine’s Day frame done
view of layered heart pattern Valentine’s Day frame

I LOVE how it turned out! It doesn’t take too much to make and it really makes your mantel or any table stand out!

layered heart pattern Valentine’s Day frame with decoration
general view of layered heart pattern Valentine’s Day frame
layered heart pattern Valentine’s Day frame full decoration image one
layered heart pattern Valentine’s Day frame full decoration image two

Hope you like this cute and easy project. Let me know your thoughts in comments!

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Til' next time...

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  2. I love this!! Such a cute Valentine’s idea! Would love to see you at my craft party which is new Thursdays at 7pm EST. I pin every instruction post! Have a great rest of the week!