Frozen DIY Elsa’s Braid

Enjoy and let you girl live the dream of becoming Elsa with this cute and easy Frozen DIY Elsa’s Braid. Just a few supplies and few steps to create one gorgeous magical look!

It’s been 2 years since Frozen was released and I can’t believe my girl is still so crazy about that movie. She literally wants to wear her dress, shoes, and crown every day. And let me tell you, she has both Elsa’s and Anna’s dresses.

Cute and Easy Frozen DIY Elsa’s Braid #frozen #frozenfever #frozenparty

How to make Frozen Elsa’s Braid

When she told me she wanted her birthday party with Frozen theme I had to tell her to stop using the dress because she wouldn’t have a dress by then at that rate LOL.

She loves it so much that she actually stopped using it and she tells me every day “Mommy, I can’t use my Elsa’s dress until my birthday, I need it pretty” hahaha. So since I’m focusing on Elsa I decided to also make Elsa’s Braid so she would feel even more like Elsa!


I so love seeing her dreaming about her favorite characters and creating her story and a whole world with her imagination. It’s so funny to listen to all that she comes up with while playing and she LOVES to play with Anna and Elsa {she also has the dolls, spoiling grandma!!} Having her birthday all about Frozen has been a huge deal for her.


She sees me making something different every day, and comes to me hugs me and tells me, Mommy, I LOVE everything you are making, thank you! Can you believe those words come from an almost 4 YO???? That’s reward enough to all the effort I put into her party!!! I’m so super excited about this and can’t wait to share everything I’ve made.


Stay tuned for more posts with more ideas and tutorials for birthday parties!

DIY Elsa’s Braid Tutorial



  • 2 rolls of white yarn, soft and not too thin, not too thick. It’s really up to you!!! I bought the cheapest one I could find to be honest.
  • Light blue ribbon really thin.
  • Snowflakes buttons
  • Snow glitter.
  • A crown
  • Glue

Ok first, the hardest part. Calculate the length of the braid, which is tricky. You need to measure pretty much double of the actual length.

Using 2 my dining chairs I started wrapping the yarn around the back of the chairs making loops and loops until I used 1 and a half roll of the yarn. This is something you need to keep an eye on because the thickness of the braid is totally up to each person. So when you think it’s thick enough just stop looping.

Sorryyyyy the photo is so blurry, never noticed before. But still you can get the idea!

Sorryyyyy the photo is so blurry, never noticed before. But still you can get the idea!

When finished, grab one end and tie with a strip of the same yarn and cut the endings.