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Halloween Pom-pom Fruit Spiders

I was planning my Halloween Silhouette challenge when I came up with the idea to make some spiders hanging from the garland as well but then I thought that it would be cute to make the spiders with wool pom-poms instead of cutouts! So I decided to make them a new project!

Halloween Pom-pom Fruit Spiders

Halloween Pom-pom Fruit Spiders Cover

This is super easy to make, it just needs a little bit of patience {at least for me LOL}. I place them on top of our fruit plate. And it looks so spooky cute.

You need black wool, plastic eyes, cardboard and black cardstock.
I draw two concentric circles on the cardboard. The sizes will depend on how big you want the pom-poms.

view of two circles drawn on

I cut them and made another one exactly the same using the first as my reference.

view of two equal circles of cardboard already cut

Then I made a cut an a side both like this:

showing how the cut to the circle has been made

Next, I put them together with the open cut in opposite directions like this:

view of the two circles in hand ready to start

Then I made a small ball of wool that would pass through the center hole and started wrapping the circular cardboards with it. It doesn’t matter if it’s not enough you can always make another ball and keep going. Make sure to make it thick.

view of ball of black wool yarn and circles of cardboard
wrapping the circles with the black wool thread view
view of circles already wrapped with the wool thread, it looks like a black wool donut

When it was done, I found the cardboard and used a scissor right between the 2 cardboards and carefully cut the wool following the shape. You can also use a cutter for that.

carefully cutting between the circles, the black wool yarn
view of the yarn already cut
piece of black yarn between the circles of cardboard

Then I cut a strip of wool put it between both cardboards and made a tight knot securing the bunch of wool.

 Next, I removed the cardboard.

view of removing the cardboard circles

And here you have the pom-pom!

ready black pom pom view

Then I cut some strips of black cardstock at an angle like these:

some strips of cardboard cut at an angle

With a hot glue gun, I glued them to the center of the pom-pom.

view of placing the strips of black cardstock on the pompom

 And the final touch was putting on some plastic eyes!

view of placing with hot glue the plastic eyes to the pompom


view of pompom spider with tree plastic eyes ready

I placed them on the fruit plate we have in the kitchen! And tadaaaaa! Spooooooooky!!!!! LOL

two spooky pompom spiders on a plate with fruits
closer view of two halloween spooky pompom fruit spiders
closer view of 1 halloween spooky pompom fruit spiders

What do you think??? Do you like working with wool?

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Hair Clip Holder

Til' next time...

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  1. Love these, Cami! I think I have time to make them this week. How fun for the kids. Thanks for sharing.

    Robyn @ simply fresh dinners

    1. Oooh i would love to see them. I enjoyed a lot making them and Emma was al excited watching me making them LOL. Thanks for stopping by!


    1. Thanks so much Stephanie, Yes I love making things like these. Pom-poms aere fun to make and there are so many things we can make with them!


  2. Love, love, love your spooky spiders! Thanks for linking them up at the DIY Sunday Showcase!

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