DIY Matching Owl Halloween Costume (Mom & Daughter Matching Costumes)

These DIY Owl Halloween Costume were pretty easy to make and completely cost-effective. The entire Owl Halloween Costume is made from felt, so no hemming necessary! Just a few decorative details and lots of love!

It’s not a secret to anyone that I LOVE owls so when I saw these super cute Family Owl Halloween Costume on the Pottery Barn Kids I just knew I had to figure out how to make them since I didn’t have the budget to buy them. I just wanted one for mommy and one for Emma to wear them on Halloween and go around with matching costumes. I think matching outfits are so cute.


How to Make Mom and Daughter Matching Owl Halloween Costume

I really need to be honest here. I’m not a professional sewer and I have no clue how to create patterns {and my English is not perfect either} so, what I’m sharing here is how I managed to create these super cute and fun Owl Halloween Costumes. With a little extra imagination and creativity {perhaps a little more sewing knowledge from you} I think this can be easy enough to make it. These Owl costumes are basically two wings and a hood. So it’s not that difficult once you know how to do it.

Mom and Daughter Owl Halloween Costume Pattern

These are the graphics of the patterns I created for the wings and face and you can download HERE. The hood pattern belongs to the Sewing Novice and you can download it HERE.

I created first Emma’s Owl Halloween Costume and then I applied the same process to mine but of course, bigger and with some differences.

Owl Halloween Costume details

I used many small details on the costumes such as ruffled organza ribbon around the eyes, some patterned fabric for the beak.

At first, I didn’t know if it would work but I love how it turned out. I also add a lining fabric because I thought it would be more comfortable with the touch on the face that way.

I also wanted to hide the neck seam so I used pink satin ribbon and that same strip of ribbon is what ties the costume around the neck. I also used the ribbon to decorate the edge of the wings of my costume.

I realized when Emma was wearing the owl costume, that in some spots the feather seams are visible Ugh!. But then with the movement and stuff, you can barely see it LOL.

It is not perfect because I’m not a professional but I really LOOOOVE how they turned out. Actually, I’m making a costume for my Brother too next weekend LOL. He wants to be Dracula!.

Ooook then. Let’s start.

Owl Halloween Costume Tutorial

I created the patterns as I was requiring pieces. I’m sharing a bit of how I did and the sizes will vary depending on the age and size of the kids/people.

In some points, I got so focused on what I was doing that I forgot to take pics so I tried to make graphics to explain.

Supplies needed:

  • 3.5 Yards {3 mt} of light gray felt
  • 0.5 Yards {1/2 mt} of Pink felt
  • 0.5 Yards {1/2 mt} of dark gray felt
  • A Pieces of black and white felt {for the eyes}
  • A Piece of yellow/orange felt or any fabric {for the nose}.
  • 1 yard of white lining fabric.
  • 7 yards of pink satin ribbon {1 inch wide}
  • 2 yards of pink Organza ribbon {1/2 inch wide}
  • Stuffing {for the tufts if desired}

Owl Halloween Costume Step by Step

The first thing I did was of course creating the patterns in paper and cut them out.

Then I placed them on the felt and fabrics and I cut the fabric approximately 0.4 Inches away from the line marks. I used some special markers that disappear with time and/or wash to draw the lines.

I cut every piece first, including a bunch of “feathers” in pink, light gray and dark gray.

I cut the hood and the lining.

I put together both pieces of the hood and put a paper underneath it and to draw the ear tuft. Of course, I cut it out too {this pattern is in the downloadable file}.

I started with the hood.

Owl Halloween Costume’s Hood

I sew the black circle of the eyes to the white one and then to the hood.

Then I cut the beak in both felt and the fabric {I didn’t have yellow felt I used this fabric}.

I used about 3x the perimeter of the eyes in organza ribbon to make the ruffle of the eyes. I mean if you make a circle with the ribbon that would surround the circle, that would be your reference and that is multiplied by 3. I did like that because it depends on the size of each eye. You might want it bigger or smaller.

Then I sewed close to the edge of the ribbon with a big stitch and relaxed pressure on the machine. Then I carefully pulled one of the threads and start ruffling the ribbon. Once ready I started sewing it manually to he edge of the eyes of the owl.

Then I made the beak. I sewed it first with the right side of the fabric facing the felt leaving a small space no sewed. I turned it to the right side out and then sewed all over the edge.

For the ears tuft I sewed them, turned them right side out and put the stuffing in it. You don’t need to fill it too much; it’s just to add some volume.

I placed the tufts {as I show in the graphic below} and placed the back peace of the hood on top. The eyes and tufts should be inside. Sew around the edge as it’s shown.

The next step was the lining. I sewed it and then attached it to the hood.

I put all the lining inside the hood and with the help of some pins I made some stitches in some strategic places so the lining doesn’t move or come out.

Ok, now the wings.

Owl Halloween Costume’s Wings

First, I placed the feathers playing with colors randomly as you can see below until I covered it all. I secured them with pins and then I sewed each line of feathers.

Then, I sewed the pleat making sure to not sew the feathers.

I overlapped both wings where it should be the back. How much you overlap will depend on the back of your kid. The sewed pleats should be on the shoulders.

Then I sewed the hood to the wings as centered as I could and I hid the seam with the pink ribbon and it’s also the way I tie it up to Emma’s neck with a bow.

The last touch was cutting the edges of the feathers to round them and make them well shaped. After finishing Emma’s I made mine it was easier to make since I already knew how to make it and I didn’t add so many details.

Done… Voila!!!

The hardest part of making these costumes was trying it on Emma during each stage LOL. She got so annoyed. But the fun part was the final pictures because Emma took the remote control of the camera and shoot like crazy. I have to admit I couldn’t choose one pic, so I’m sharing a lot of them here. It was so much fun.

Emma wearing her Owl Halloween Costume!

There she is… Doesn’t it look so cute?

How about me? Do I look cute too??? LOL

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I enjoyed making it and sharing it with you!!!