DIY 3d Frozen Themed Party Invitations

I know and we all know that the first impression of any party is the invites! So I really put lots of love and effort to make some gorgeous invitations. Following that thought and after a lot of brainstorming I had the perfect card idea right in my archives! I made these DIY 3d Frozen Themed Party Invitations using my original idea for the baptism invites back when I was just starting blogging.

DIY 3d Frozen Themed Party Invitations

DIY 3d Frozen Themed Party Invitations

I really wanted something different. I didn’t want simple envelopes and I definitely wanted a little something added to it that would represent the party. That little something was the snowflake of course LOL.

The solution for the envelope was making it the card itself and I already had that somewhere in my archives. What I love the most about this card is that when you close it, it looks like a flower. It’s so cute and feminine!

The next touch was that I decided to make Elsa pop up, making her as an additional layer. If you want to make this card and don’t have a cutting machine you can either skip this step or if they are not too many, with a little patience, you can cut them yourself.

So want to know how to make these cuties? Here we go!


  • Cute cardstock
  • Cute design
  • Cute buttons {in this case snowflakes buttons}
  • Cute ribbon

If you are making 3D:

  • Double-sided foam tape:
  • High resolution print coated cardstock

First make your design to fit the center of the card. I used images from the web, mostly wallpapers and high-res png images I could find. I Printed the main cards using this Card pattern that you can download if you like.


I also created Kind of a Logo for my girl’s card and other pieces. It’s in Spanish and it says: “Set Free your Powers at Emma’s Frozen Party on November 23rd”

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 4.31.02 PM

Once the design was ready I duplicated Elsa’s Image onto a new canvas and using the print and cut feature of my Silhouette I cut Elsa, several times. Please note that when you import images to the silhouette studio the size changes. Make sure you resize it to the real Elsa’s size in the card so it will match when cut.



For the cads I used a textured cardstock. On one side it had this cute texture and on the other it was plain. I printed on the plain side.


Then I cut the cards myself. You may be asking why did I used print and cut for Elsa and not for the card itself? Well because I’m lazy… Yup, lazy lazy… To use the print and cut I would have to change the paper in the cutting mat 20 times to have all the invites cut while with Elsa it was only 5 sheets. For the cads, I preferred get my 20 sheets and my scissors, curl up in my bed with music and cut each card in a comfy way LOL. But if you have your Silhouette, that’s perfectly ok to use the print and cut feature.




Once the cards were cut, I used this embosser tool to mark the folding lines to make it easier to fold.