“Our Love” Valentine’s Day Photo Frame (with Free Printable)

Hubby and I have been through a lot lately and yet our love stands as strong as ever. We share the biggest love a human being can feel as we became parents. Our whole world changed and even though we’ve had so many difficulties, this love, our love, has kept us together even in the distance.  That’s why I {using the excuse of Valentine’s Day} made this Valentine’s Day Photo Frame to remind us how our story has changed and grown.

“Our Love” Valentine’s Day Photo Frame DIY Tutorial + Free Printable

How to make this “Our Love” Valentine’s Day Photo Frame

Love is the best thing ever. Is the one thing totally worth fighting for. With moments as important as these on the photo frame, I love looking at the picture and remember those moments as if I were living it all over again. The best part?

This Valentine’s Day Photo Frame is so crazy easy to make!!

Valentine’s Day Photo Frame Supplies:

  • Photo Frame
  • Ribbon
  • Photo paper
  • Hot glue gun

Photo Frame Directions

To make this I designed the background and placed those polaroid-like frames and added my favorite pictures of our story! =D

I’m sharing this “Our Love” Valentine’s Day Photo Frame Printable HERE, leaving the picture spaces blank so you can add yours.

I opened the back of the photo frame and used the paper that was in there to make a white “kind of” passe-partout.

Then I glued the ribbon to the outside edge of the frame.

I placed the printed photo facing the glass , then I closed the back of the frame and voila!!!!

I don’t like taking pics at night with artificial light. Pics come out so bad =(. But sometimes I start with natural light and there is so much going on that I end up finishing late night.

Here you have it, all done!!!

Fun Valentine’s Day Photo Frame with Free Printable
Easy Valentine’s Day Photo Frame with Free Printable

What do you think???? Isn’t love the best inspiration ever to make cute things???? What have you made to remind you {apart from your lovely memories} your best moments?

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Till Next time!

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