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⁘ 18 December ⁘
Magical Night Christmas Card

Did you know that this whole blogging thing of mine started with this type of handmade cards? Well yup! My blog did a huge turn around for the better though. I don’t have that much time now to make so many of these but I still so love to...
⁘ 10 December ⁘
Flowery Pink and Red Christmas Card

Its been so long since my last Card post. I made this Flowery Pink and Red Christmas Card last year for my mom. I made it so late that I didn’t share it then. I LOVED how it turned out among others I made that I’ll be sharing during this...
⁘ 4 January ⁘
Layered Christmas Cards

Hello everyone!… Even though Christmas is gone I wanted to share this couple of cards I made {among many others but I didn’t have the time to share them}. I especially love these layered Cards because I had never done this kind of technique before. They turned out great...
⁘ 11 October ⁘
Halloween Spooky Crafty Cards

Wow Halloween is so close and I hadn’t even have the chance to create a few Halloween cards but I found these pics of some Spooky crafty cards I made last year when I wasn’t blogging yet and actually I was just starting with the card making hobby. Halloween...
⁘ 9 August ⁘