20 Clever Kitchen Organization Ideas20 Clever Kitchen Organization Ideas


If I manage to find those metal shelves in the same size as my cabinets I’ll be the happiest girl on earth!


Awesome idea, no more words needed! Making this

via A Thousand Words

Clever and I’m definitely making this!

via Snacko Backo

My cabinets have a space like this, It;s not organization but it’s a cute way to decorate it!

via Making Lemonade

In case I can’t find the bathroom organizer that fits, this can be my second choice!

via The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking

When you don’t have enough space to have your pans spread and you don’t like piling them, this is a GREAT idea to organize them.

via Listoic

I think I have enough ideas to start organizing my kitchen. I’m super inspired. How about you??? Did these Clever Kitchen Organization Ideas inspired you to start organizing your kitchen yet?

 *My round ups are only for inspiration ideas. Just like I do for all my round ups, I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest. If you are at all familiar with that platform you know there are tons of pictures with no direct links to the original source. Some pictures featured here I found no source or it might have the wrong  for but if you know the source,contact me and I will update this post immediately, thank you so much!

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6 Comments on 20 Clever Kitchen Organization Ideas

  1. avatar
    March 14, 2017

    I am going to tell my sister about you. she needs to clean .

    • avatar
      Shelly says:
      July 8, 2017

      I tried the tension bar too,00 it will not stay put!!

      • avatar
        Camila says:
        July 8, 2017

        You know I got a tension bar to try it and then it was too short and I never try it again. Maybe I’ll go for a curtain kit better! Thanks for your input!


  2. avatar
    Chanda says:
    January 29, 2017

    Are those shower curtain rods holding the baskets?

  3. avatar
    August 19, 2016

    Great ideas – thanks for putting it all together! Blessings, Janet

  4. avatar
    August 3, 2016

    Like the cutting board idea so I’ll have to try it out as I am getting tired of looking at them behind the kitchen sink faucet.

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