DIY Baby Doll Crib Bedding set

Does your girl love playing with baby dolls? Mine certainly does. She loves changing clothes, feeding the baby and all. She would even use her toy containers as the baby’s crib. That gave me the idea of making her somehow a crib but my mom wanted to give her that to Em as Christmas gift last year. She end up buying the Graco set that came with crib, stroller and feeding chair LOL. I can’t explain my girl’s excitement. As that was decided and I had already started my girl’s Duvet Cover Set, I also thought it would be cute to make matching baby doll crib bedding set. And so I did.

DIY Baby Doll Crib Bedding set

DIY Baby Doll Crib Bedding set

It was a fun project to make mostly because it didn’t take as long as the duvet cover one LOL. This took me about 2 or 3 hours and a lot of love.

Since the doll doesn’t actually have mattress or duvet, I just made kind of a mattress for the crib with built in sheet LOL and a quilt with the exact same pattern as the duvet cover. Made the pillows and went ahead and wrapped it!!!! I was so excited; I knew she would love to have her baby’s crib and even more a whole bedding set.


SO, Ready to sew a baby doll crib bedding set in this tutorial?

Let’s go!

For this tutorial, I’ll give you measures based on a Graco Room full of Fun Baby Doll Playset’ Crib. This is not a sponsored post but in order to give you a specific idea of the crib I used, I wanted to let you know which playset this was.



  • Scraps of coordinated fabrics {I used scraps from her the duvet cover set}
  • Pillow stuffing.
  • White Batting
  • Hot glue Gun.
  • A MDF board 44×26 cm


Measures {You probably will need to adjust depending on your kid’s doll crib}


A: pattern 1

B: Pattern 2

C: White

D: Pattern 3

E: Pattern 4

Quilt Front:

6 pieces of 3 different {Coordinated} fabrics A B C: 10×28 cm {this includes seam allowance}

1 Piece of batting: 44×26 cm


Quilt Back:

1 piece of coordinated fabric D: 50×28 cm


1 Piece of batting: 48×26 cm

1 Piece of fabric E: 50×32 cm

1 Piece of fabric {Any fabric goes since it’s for the base, I used white}: 46×28 cm

Main Pillow:

Fabric C: 28×18 cm x2

Fabric B: 18×6 cm

Fabric E: 18×8 cm

Pillow 2: Fabric E: 20×20 cm x2

Pillow 3: Fabric A: 18×15 cm x2

Let’s start with the mattress of the Doll Crib Bedding set.

Put together your fabric E wrong side and you batting as centered as possible.


Put on top some stuffing. Enough to cover all the batting.