Animals Memory Game. Learning Words playing + Printables

Emma is growing so fast and she learns in such speed that is hard to believe. She is almost 2 years old and she has an incredible memory and ability to solve problems. For this reason I thought it would be fun to start teaching her this fun memory game. I created this Animals memory using animal images and words {names} so she starts to connect them. I think that could be a good way to be playing and learning at the same time.

Animals Memory Game. Learning Words playing + Printables

Animals Memory Game. Learning Words playing + Printables

I play this with Ema in two ways. One. the traditional way, all the cards facing down.  But it was hard for her to understand what she had to do. However she did a great job. Two. All the cards facing up which she loved because she could actually recognize the images. I showed her one animal card and she had to find it through all the rest of the cards She got so excited each time she found the right card.

Here is how I made the memory cards. I used Illustrations by Dezignus (site shut down) to make these cards. Even though I’m sharing the printable.

First, I designed the cards.
Then I used a scrapbook digital paper for the back. In this case if the printer is not well calibrated you might get some white edges {not printed}. I would recommend for a better results using real scrapbook paper {cardstock}.
I placed 12 different cards on 3 sheets. You might thing that is a huge memory game. It is not supposed to be all at the same time. The reason for this is to make each play time different so it is always a bit challenging.
I printed each one twice and wrapped them with transparent contact paper to make the durable {at least a little bit longer}.
Them I cut them and organized them in 3 different groups of 24 cards {12 pairs}.
Ready to play!!!
We have had a lot of fun!!!
What do you think? Do you make educative games for your kids??? Did you used to like playing this kind of games???

Til' next time...

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