DIY Fabric Wrapped Monogram

This Fabric Wrapped Monogram is a super easy and budget friendly craft that will add a sweet personal touch to any girl’s bedroom.

If you have been around for a while you probably know I’m all about creating a nice decoration for my girl’s bedroom. I’m slowly creating different things to make her room as girly as she can be.

Easy Fabric Wrapped Monogram Tutorial

How to make Fabric Wrapped Monogram

She’s obsessed with anything absolutely girly; she only wants to wear dresses {princess-like} and bracelets, princess shoes, etc…

And her room {ahem, our room} gets no less attention. She loves to have pink stuff all over.

For that reason and because she’s already learning how to spell her name I made this cute fabric wrapped monogram to decorate her space.

Hopefully, when she gets a room of her own, we’ll be able to show off her room décor more beautifully but for now we do what we can.

She loved how her monogram turned out and immediately she took it to her room and tried a few places. She loved it with her photo frames but at the end, she wanted it among her own stuff, so we put it in her toy’s table.


This decorative craft took me about an hour to make. It’s really easy to make and if your girl is old enough she might even enjoy making it with you. I can’t wait for mine to help me creating crafts!

Let’s make our fabric wrapped monogram!


  • A letter of your choice. I used a cardboard letter E.
  • Fabric of your choice.
  • Felt for flowers
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue gun.

Make some strips of fabric. This is totally up to you, the width and length. I made 2 full fabric width strips of the fabric because one was not enough.


Fold lengthwise so both raw edges go back.


Start gluing one end of the fabric to one end of the letter. I started with the middle of the E.


Start wrapping up each part of the letter, using the wrinkles to your favor and overlap on each loop. Here there is no perfect or wright or wrong way. Just find your own way to go covering the letter.


Pay attention to outer corners. I covered it with the fabric leaving some on each side.


Make sure the end of the strip goes to the back of the letter. In my case i used part one strip for the center part of the letter and the other half + the other strip for the rest of the letter.


Finish the wrapping folding the end of the strip to the back side and with the help of your scissor or any other flat tool, push the fabric inside the closest fabric overlap so the finish is clean. Secure with a few dots of hot glue.


Your monogram is done!

Now onto the flowers. I learned how to make these with a fun tutorial from Paper and Stitch. I love all the types of felt flowers she shows you how to make!

With anything rounded, make a circle in the felt and cut.


Then make another cut in a spiral way like this:


No need to draw a perfect spiral or anything just go cutting shaping it. the less perfect the better.

Starting with the outer end start rolling keeping the center tight.


When you get to the other end, add some hot glue to the back of the flower and glue it to the end of the spiral.


Do the same for other flowers and then glue them to the monogram.


Now cut 2 strips of ribbon and knot them together in the middle. Glue it to the middle of the flowers to give an idea of leaves!


The final touch was inserting some small rocks between fabric loops to let the monogram stand. The problem was that the monogram was really light and the flowers were making it fall. The easiest way to fix that was adding weight to the back.




There you go! A cute, girly and easy to make fabric wrapped monogram for your girl’s bedroom!

Cute and Easy Fabric Wrapped Monogram Tutorial

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and try to make one! Leave me your thoughts in comments!

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Til' next time...

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