How to Make a Monogrammed Zippered Pillow Cover (An Easy Tutorial for the Total Beginner)

Easy tutorial for beginners to learn how to make a zippered pillow cover and stencil it with a cute Monogram. It’s a lot easier than you might think. This Zippered Pillow cover is simple to make and will spruce up your Home.

If you have been around long enough, you might have noticed I have a thing for pillows. I make pillow covers every time I have the chance or the budget LOL. I think creative and personalized Pillow covers add character to our homes.

How to Make a Monogrammed Zippered Pillow Cover

How to Make a Monogrammed Zippered Pillow Cover (An Easy Tutorial for the Total Beginner)

Several years back, actually when I was a teen, I decided I had to teach myself how to make pillow covers on my own so I could decorate my bedroom my way. Fancy pillows did not make the budget cuts and my mom was not willing to buying me those pretty pillows I loved. So, I found fabric and would make my own (Thankfully, my mom used to sew a lot back then so I usually had fabric around).

I started with envelope pillows, using a method I could spot on my mom’s sofa pillows {read my tutorials here (One piece) and here (3 pieces) if those method interests you instead}. It still works well, but I started to hate the opening on the back and struggle with the pillows each time I have to arrange the sofa and I preferred the look of zipper-bottomed pillows.Easy How to Make a Monogrammed Zippered Pillow Cover

I’m going to start off by saying that I’m not a sewer, I’m not a pro and I don’t know if this is THE perfect method but it worked wonderfully for me. So, if I could make this pillow cover and stencil it, you definitely can too.

Now, this is a really basic tutorial. However, I’m going to assume you know how to work your sewing machine. Even though I have sewn here and there, I still consider myself a VERY beginner sewer and can’t do much outside of a straight line. If you can do that and follow directions well, you’re a winner.

I also understand not everyone has a cutting machine, so if you don’t have one, you can find pretty Letter and floral stencils at your local craft stores. You can definitely create a gorgeous pillow cover. So, if you are using stencils, scroll down until I finish painting for the Pillow cover tutorial.

Monogrammed Zippered Pillow Cover Supplies:

  • Fabric: You will need 2 pieces per pillow cut to the same dimensions as your pillow insert + 1cm seam allowance on each side.
  • A Pillow Insert.
  • A Zipper: I used the same length as the pillow insert
  • A Sewing Machine
  • A zipper foot
  • A coordinating thread, pins, scissors, and an iron.
  • Freezer Paper (or a stencil of your choice)
  • Black Fabric Paint
  • Foam brush

Monogrammed Zippered Pillow Cover Tutorial

The first thing you need to do is cut 2 pieces of fabric, one for the front of the pillow and one for the back.

I like to cut my fabric to the dimensions of my pillow insert + 1 cm seam allowance. This way it fits the pillow form nice and slightly snug. If you like it tighter, don’t add the 1cm and just cut to the exact dimensions of my pillow insert.

Creating and Painting the Monogram.

I used my Silhouette Studio to design the Monogram. Since it reads most of your fonts, you can choose your favorite. I used a serif one that I love. Then I found a cute curvy floral stem and using the tracing tool I converted it on a cut-able shape. Adjusted a few lines to be look smoother and it was done!

Then I created a circle with the stem shape duplicating it and adjusting position and angle. It took me 4 stems in total.

Placed the M (Medina Family) in the center and right below the M, I added est. 2009 which is the year we got married.

The Monogram was ready. I just adjusted the size to the maximum the machine could cut (12×12 Inches).

Then when using Freezer paper it’s important to remember that the waxed side should be facing up. For this reason is super important to remember to flip the design before cutting. For this, you just need to select the whole design and go to Object > Mirror > Flip Horizontally.

Now you can send to cut. I used Copy Paper setting, BUT I set the blade to 1 instead the default 2.

Once cut, carefully remove from mat the main design, leaving the inner parts for now.

Take one piece of your fabric, iron it well and mark the center. Place carefully your freezer paper stencil wax side facing down on the fabric as centered as you can.

Iron it (again carefully) onto your the fabric.

Then add those little inner shapes (like the inner cero and nine pieces) to the correct places and iron them down.

Time To Paint.

I protected a small cutting mat with plastic and taped the fabric to it. You can use cardboard too.

Add some paint on a paper place or piece of paper. With your foam brush spread the paint all over your design making sure you don’t paint beyond the edges.

Let it dry for a few minutes and peel off the stencil and all the inner parts.

Let it dry completely. Usually, it takes about 30 minutes to an hour but make sure you read the paint directions just in case.

Zippered Pillow Cover direction

Fold about 1 cm (0.4 Inch) wrong sides together of the bottom side of your fabric and Iron it. Do this on both pieces.

Then align your 2 pieces of fabric (folded sides together) and your place your zipper on top as centered as possible.

Now, align your zipper from end to end to the folded edge on top of the folded side. Pin in place both sides making sure the 2 pieces are still aligned.

If you turn it you will see the zipper is not visible.

My zipper was slightly larger than my pillow size so I centered it. Once you finish pining zipper in place you will get something like this:

Ok now. Take a deep breath. I know you can do this!

The first thing you need to do is to put your zipper foot on. Hold your zipper foot in your hand. Do you see how it almost looks like 1/2 of a regular foot? When you attach it to your machine, you’ll want the “missing side” closest to the zipper and sew down that side, then you’ll switch it and do the other side.

I also found out easier to work with the zipper unzipped. I mean all open.

We are ready. Be sure you are back to a regular straight stitch and start at the end of the zipper farthest away from the zipper handle sewing just like you would any other straight line, but keep it as close to the zipper teeth as possible. Also remove pins as you move on.

When you get to the zipper pull you won’t be able to keep going because it takes up some space. So stop just a little bit away from it, keeping your needle down in the fabric (if possible.)  Lift your foot and carefully zip the zipper past the foot, lower your foot and continue to the end of the zipper. Backstitch to end your stitch.

For the other side, I do the same I did but switch the needle position to the other side.

When you finish the other side, YOU MADE IT! You installed a zipper!!!!!


But before moving on we need a final touch to the zipper. Zip the pillow all the way shut and about 1 cm (0,4 Inch) from the fabric edge, stitch across the zipper along the edge. Just a few stitches about an inch long onto the zipper. Do this on both ends.

After you zipped the pillow part way in the step above, you will want to cut off any overhang on the zipper track

Next up, I zip the pillow about three-fourths of the way shut. Your fabric squares should still line up nicely when you do this. If off a little – you should be okay. But if you see some significant shifting at this point (which it shouldn’t) you will need to unpick one of the zippers sides and redo it.

Go back to your machine, put your regular foot back on and sew the remaining edges with a 1/2 inch seam allowance, cutting across diagonally at the corners.

Then I like to zig-zag stitch the edge (serge without a serger) to make sure the fabric won’t fray. This will give your edges a finished look and keep them from fraying.

You’re ready to turn your zippered pillow cover right side out! My favorite part!. I usually use my scissor tips to helpfully push out the edges (but very carefully!) you don’t want to rip your beautiful new pillow cover!

Now, get a pillow in there and enjoy!!!

How to Make a Monogrammed Zippered Pillow Cover Decorative

It wasn’t that hard, was it?

Well, first times are always harder, but I’m telling you, it gets easier as you make more pillow covers. If you already made some pillow covers in the past, you know what I’m talking about!

How to Make a Monogrammed Zippered Pillow Cover Fun

How to Make a Monogrammed Zippered Pillow Cover Easy

How to Make a Monogrammed Zippered Pillow Cover Rustic

I hope, you enjoyed this Zippered Pillow Cover tutorial. If you did, don’t forget to Share with your friends!

Make a Monogrammed Zippered Pillow Cover (An Easy Tutorial for the Total Beginner)

Is there any other interesting Zippered Pillow Cover methods?

Yes indeed.

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Til' next time...

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