DIY Rustic Flocked Pinecone Christmas Ornaments (Video Tutorial available)

What is prettier than a rustic pinecone ornament? Some super cute Rustic Flocked Pinecone Christmas Ornaments of course! Come and learn how!

OK, I know what you are going to say: “Girl it’s still October! What are you doing making Christmas decorations stuff???” Well, if it depended on me I would have started in August but I thought that would have been too much.

Besides I’m part of an awesome yearly blog hop named 31 Days of Christmas Ornaments and it’s something I look forward too every year with all my heart. For this year I made these cute Rustic Flocked Pinecone Christmas Ornaments and despite the craziness, I’ve been into lately I definitely LOVE how they turned out. How about you???

Cute DIY Rustic Flocked Pinecone Christmas Ornaments

Rustic Flocked Pinecone Christmas Ornaments Tutorial

This is such an easy but so cute craft to make. It’s so incredibly easy that you can even have your kids participating and having some fun playing with paint, glue, and Glitter. Oh, dear glitter!!! I missed you dearly!

You can make a bunch in less than an hour for flocking and then leave them to dry while you make super cute rustic bows. Put them together and voila! You could call it l cute DIY snow!

Cute Rustic Flocked Pinecone Christmas Ornament

Doesn’t it scream perfection despite imperfection? LOL

I’m so excited about Christmas. It’s my very favorite time of the year and this year I won’t be late to start creating and inspiring you all to do the same!

What types of glue can be used?

I can’t say any type because I haven’t tried them all but I know for sure you can use mod podge, normal school glue, any white glue from any brand. My guess is, you have to try and test. If you try tacky glue or liquid starch it would be amazing to hear your results to improve this tutorial.

How to make cute Rustic Flocked Pinecone Christmas Ornaments?

Yeah, I thought so too, let’s go!


  • Pinecones {as many as you like and try to mix small and large pinecones}
  • White acrylic paint
  • Twine
  • White glue
  • Burlap or linen ribbon {color of your choice}
  • White and silver glitter
  • Jingle bells {2 per bow, or you could use red berries or any other fun decor}
  • Needle and thread.
  • Hot glue gun
  • 2 bowls {big enough for the pinecones to fit}
  • Paper towels

FLocking the pinecones

If you prefer reading the step by step, just keep scrolling!

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First, let’s make the mixtures:

In a bowl mix paint and glue, 60-40 or 50-50 will do. You don’t have to measure much just where visually seems like good proportions.

In another bowl mix the white and the silver glitter.

Then roll pinecones around in the paint and glue mixture making sure that the cone was evenly covered from top to bottom, leaving the inner parts paint free.

Immediately after that, roll the pinecones around in the glitter mixture. Make sure you get glitter in every place where the paint is.

What I love the most about this technique is that the paint gives the pinecones a snow tipped look and then the mix of white and silver glitter gives a cute snowy, icy effect on the pinecone edges. It has a much more dense frosted appearance and I love how they look against the green from the tree.

Leave the pinecones on a paper towel to dry for a few hours. Once the glue has dried completely, tap the frosty pinecones onto the paper towel to remove any loose glitter. This still won’t prevent the whole house to be covered in glitter but at least will do less mess LOL.

While the pinecones dry, let’s work on the cute bows for the perfect touch.

Making the cute ribbon bows

Cute a small piece of ribbon, it will depend on the pinecone size of course. But let’s say between 10 to 15 inches, you can go up or down if your pinecones are larger or smaller.

Lay it on your table and fold it in three sections as follows:

Try that where the ends overlap to stay in the middle of the back side.

Then with a needle and thread, make some stitched right in the middle.

Pull your thread all the way to create a ruffle.

Wrap the thread around the center twice and then go through from top to bottom of the bow with the needle.

Make a knot and cut the thread.

Now take your twine and insert 2 jingle bells or your faux berries if you chose to use them, for a beautiful pop of contrast.

Wrap it twice around the middle of the bow making sure the bells are on the front and tie a knot at the back. Cut any excess.

The final touch is cutting the ends to make it even prettier. Just fold each end in half lengthwise and cut diagonally towards the fold.

There you go! You got your bow.

Now that your pinecones should be dry after about 20 bows… LOL just kidding! Let’s finish our rustic Flocked Pinecone Christmas Ornaments, Just click to keep reading!

Lastly, cut a strip of twine to create the loop to hang it. Using hot glue, stick both ends to the center of the pinecone base.

Finally, the finishing touch, glue your cute bow to the look at the base as well.

That’s it. Our rustic Flocked Pinecone Christmas Ornaments are done and ready to rock our Christmas tree.

These flocked pinecones are intended for indoor use but If you intend to use them outdoors I recommend sealing them by spraying them with a waterproof sealer.

Easy or what?

E A S Y!!!!

Now you just gotta put up your tree and start decorating it with these cuties!

Frosty Rustic Flocked Pinecone Christmas Ornament

Where else can these cute Rustic Flocked Pinecones be used for?

Pretty much anywhere you want. It might need tweaking while making them, especially the hanger but you can definitely use them on garlands, an ornament wreath, on an elegant cedar berry wreath,

Rustic Flocked Pinecone Christmas Ornament Easy

Rustic Flocked Pinecone Christmas Ornament Tree

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DIY Rustic Flocked Pinecone Christmas Ornaments

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Till Next time!


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  1. Camila

    So very pretty! All the sparkle and the beautiful bow are incredible, love it!

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    These are really lovely Cami and I’ve got a whole box of pinecones waiting for a touch of Christmas. This project will be perfect!

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    This is so beautiful, we need to gather some pinecones and make some!

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    SO pretty! I like flocked things, but have never wanted a whole flocked tree. Using some of these ornaments would be just the right touch. Thank you for the comprehensive tutorial–it makes a difference to know each step you took. Just beautiful!

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    What a beautiful ornament you made! I love the flocked look and the bells you added to the bow add the perfect finishing touch.

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    such a sweet oenament, I think I am wanting to flock our tree this year, if not these might just feed my craving!r

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    Cami, this is so perfect! I’m thrilled to know how to create that pretty snow effect on a pine cone and yours is absolutely exquisite. You can be sure that I will be making these for my tree this year. :)
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    I have always loved pinecone ornaments and yours are just beautiful. The flocking really puts me in the mood for Christmas…even in October! :)

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    Love this ornament so much! You had me at flocking and reeled me in with how to make that outstanding bow. I have two huge bags of pinecones that are ready to get their flock on… LOL. Thanks for this amazing tutorial. Susie from The Chelsea Project

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