Homemade Front Door Halloween Decoration

This Homemade Front Door Halloween Decoration was so easy to make. With just a few old Halloween decoration items, cardstock, large black plastic bags, crayons, and markers you can create this spooky decoration!

I have a confession to make. This is actually the very first time I decorate this big house in my life. This is my mom’s house in Colombia and we loved the experience.

Homemade Front Door Halloween Decoration

Homemade Front Door Halloween Decoration

Last year we just added some spider web and a couple of spooky decoration stuff. Not a big deal! But this year I got super inspired and with the help of my little bro, we made this spooky front door Halloween decoration all handmade.

It was quite exciting and fun to be working on our decoration with my girl and my little brother. We have a huge age difference, so we seldom get the chance to really share activities.

My girl was all excited too drawing spooky eyes and helping us the way she knows how.


This was a new and fun experience. Usually I decorate all alone except for last year when my dad came home with a bag full of spooky decoration stuff and we did it together.

But, having my brother laughing and taking a real part in it was really awesome! Of course, being 13 YO as soon as some of his friends showed up on our house, he took off LOL.

Since most of the work was done so I was really excited! Can’t wait for Emma to be at that age too and create decoration together.

So, sniffing around on Pinterest with JD (my bro), we saw these super cool front door ideas and we loved them. We ran to the craft store and bought cardstock, papers, plastic bags and many other stuff that will probably stay for next year LOL.

We came home and took over the entrance floor to start the spooky monster door.

Front Door Halloween Decoration Supplies:

  • Black cardstock
  • White cardstock
  • Red Cardstock
  • Crayons
  • Red Marker
  • Glue
  • Black Jumbo Plastic bags
  • Hot glue gun
  • Spider web
  • Any other spooky stuff you have from past years!

Creating the Monster Pieces

Firstly, We started drawing the spooky eyes. We used a huge pan lid for the circle.

The eyes seem angry so we used half-circle of each eye but draw it as only one. Using the red graphite from a red crayon and fingers we painted the inner edges toward the center to simulate the eye redness.


Then freely my bro drew shaky, uneven lines to simulate the thin veins. In the same white cardstock I drew the teeth and a couple of fangs.


In the meantime I was creating the pupils. I created 2 circles smaller than the previous one. Extracted some irregular shapes from each to simulate the eye sparkle. It was supposed to be one sparkle to the right and the other to the left but I messed it up and glued it both to the same side Duh! Anyway… LOL


The I cut some long triangles, like eyebrows to make it look really angry and spooky.


 We wanted the teeth to be really gross. Make them look dirty and really bad looking so we painted in green and brown some stains all over. LOL My bro really made them look so terrible gross.


For the mouth we used the red cardstock, we used almost all the sheet. We cut a small rectangle from it and used the big part.

We tore up some black cardstock to create a mouth-like effect on top and bottom of the mouth and over the teeth.

And this was the result of the mouth. With dark red crayon I made a semi-circle to give the idea of the tong LOL. It’s not like is really visible but game piece of mind LOL.


We put the eyes close and this is how it will look on the door!


Assembling the Front Door Decoration.

Then using tape we stuck the eyes and mouth on the door. Using a black plastic bag we cut a hair-like shape and put it at the top of the door.

There you go!!! A spooky front door.


But you know that’s not it, right?

We got the rest of the black plastic bags, cut the sides to get a LONG piece of plastic and then folding it almost to the top we cut strips leaving the edge so we could glue it to the entrance.


Then we got this cool black curtain. With hot glue gun, we glued it to the ceiling of the entrance right before the door.


Finally, we also placed lots of spider webs around the house. We put some other Halloween decoration from last year like the jack-o-lantern, spooky skull, tombstone and a skeleton arm. The trick or treat banner was the final touch.


My girl was so excited. She was like “Mom your decoration is awesome!!!!” LOL. She even wanted to take part in the photo shooting =D

So here you have my spooky Front door Halloween decoration! Hope you like it and enjoyed the process!

Can you see the spooky eyes hidden in the blinds in window???

How about you my lovely readers? What kind of home décor you love making and what have you done this year? I would love to hear all about it in comments!

Enjoying this cool and spooky project? Don’t forget to PIN and share it with friends!

Spooky Homemade Front Door Halloween Decoration

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Til' next time...

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  1. That looks fun! As Halloween is near, I definitely have to get more creative with decorating my house. Thanks for the article!

    1. Thank you so much Naznin and so happy to see you here!!! Those eyes are so spooky, aren’t they!

      Thank you for stopping by my friend!!!