DIY Family Rustic Monogram Christmas Ornaments

So… It’s finally my turn to share my Handmade ornament for our 31 Days of Handmade Christmas Ornament Blog Hop. It’s exciting to share with you my project and to be part of such an amazing team of crafters to start preparing for Christmas!!! I wanted to dive in into the Rustic style so I made a Family Rustic Monogram Christmas Ornaments. One for each one of us {E, C and J} and one {M} for out family name. Here I’ll be showing you only 2 of them but the other two are almost ready.

DIY Family Rustic Monogram Christmas Ornaments

DIY Family Rustic Monogram Christmas Ornaments

I must admit it was my first time distressing and at first I was a little unsure and even a bit scared. So I tried first with one letter to see if I would make it right and then started the tutorial. It’s fun and so super easy since it doesn’t require perfection of any kind. I love how these ornaments turned out and can’t wait to have my own tree to start decorating it. Just in case you wonder the tree you see in the photos is not actually a tree is a branch I borrowed from a friend LOL {wink!}

you can do pretty much anything here. I preferred distressing and then glittering the bottom of each letter to add some spark LOL. Using burlap ribbon I made a bow and decorated it with a mistletoe.

You can have quite some of these rustic monogram Christmas ornaments in one afternoon and if you involve your kids will be fun and even faster.

So, let’s start making some Rustic Monogram Christmas Ornaments!


  • Wooden letter
  • Sanding sanding paper. I used a fine one.
  • Burlap ribbon
  • Christmas mistletoe
  • Masking tape
  • Glue
  • Gold glitter
  • Brush
  • Needle and thread.
  • Scissors
  • Screw eye Pins {really tiny}


The first thing we are going to do here is sanding the wooden letter. In this case the letter came already painted but if yours is not then first paint your letter, let it dry and the start the sanding.


I tore a piece of sanding paper and started sanding the letter specially on the edges and then I would sand in both directions {vertical and horizontally} on specific spots to make the wood show up. As I was sanding the letter it started to look old and damaged which I guess is the whole point of distressing, right?



If you have more than one letter to make then sand them all, so you have to clean only once LOL.

Clean well your surface and your letter{s} and let’s move on to the next step.

Secondly, with a ruler measure about an inch {I did 2 cm} from the bottom of the letter and up. If the letter has different bottom parts then measure the first and the last so you get a straight line.


Draw a line from one edge to the other on both sides.


Apply masking tape above the line from and back.


Then apply your glue all over the bottom of your letters with a brush.


Now, the fun part, spread some glitter all over the glue and remove all the excess.


Set it aside and let it dry.


Because we have to wait while the glue dries, in the meantime let’s work on the decoration.

I bought some mistletoes in a craft store but it was too big so I got rid of some parts and put them together again in a smaller piece.


Then for the bow, I cut 3 pieces of burlap ribbon. The sizes are relative since it will depend on your letter size and how big you want your bows to be. I made them relatively small so it was 18 cm, 15 cm and 3 cm.


Fold the larger piece so both ends overlaps in the center as shown.


Ruffle it in the center


Using a needle with thread pinch through the center of the bow. Go back and forth a couple times so it’s secured. Do not cut the thread yet.



Take the next piece and without folding to ruffle in the center and with the same thread pinch in the middle through the ruffle again and push until it reaches the bow and make a couple the stitches again through the whole bow and then make a couple of loops around the bows. Do not cut the thread yet either.



The last piece of burlap will need to be folded again in three as shown.


Place the center of the piece on top of the bow with opening facing the bow, bow around the bow to the back until both ends meet and stitch.



Finally, place the mistletoe there while stitching in the back making sure the decor goes above the bow. make some more stitches to secure it.


Now you can cut the thread LOL.


Ok, back to the letter.

Your letter should by dry by now so you can remove the masking tape and have a pretty glittery bottom of the letter!


Get your screw eye pin and screw it close to an edge on the top of the letter. Do it really carefully so you don’t crack the wood.



Using burlap thread or a piece of burlap make a knot to make your hanger.


I preferred securing the bow to the hoot itself so it would be stronger. So using my needle and thread I stitched it well in place.


There you Go!!! All done! We got some really pretty and Rustic Monogram Christmas Ornaments.



I so love how it turned out and can’t wait to finish the other two.

Here you have the “M”


What do you think? Like these DIY Family Rustic Monogram Christmas Ornaments? Hope you do…