Flowery Pink and Red Christmas Card

Its been so long since my last Card post. I made this Flowery Pink and Red Christmas Card last year for my mom. I made it so late that I didn’t share it then. I LOVED how it turned out among others I made that I’ll be sharing during this week and next!

 Flowery Pink and Red Christmas Card

Flowery Pink and Red Christmas Card Tutorial #Christmascard #christmas

I’ll tell you a bit about how I made it! So if you want to make it you will know details!

What you need:

  • White cardstock 14×7 inches.
  • Scrapbooking paper of your taste {I used a flowery one that cake light pink with pink flowers and then pink with light pink flowers}
  • Dark pink cardstock
  • Light pink embossed paper 6.8×6.8 inches.
  • An illustration of your taste. I used this cute one called Annabelle and the Tree from Wild Rose Studio
  • Red satin Ribbon
  • Silver marker
  • And a Sentiment cut in a ribbon paper.
  • Pink rhinestones.
  • Double sided tape flat and also the foam one to give volume.

Ok so fist I folded in half my white cardstock as it will be my base. Leave it aside.

Using the light pink embossed cardstock as my temporary base. In which I’ll build all the card and just at the end I’ll glue it to the white cardstock.

I cut a cute frame shape on the light pink paper and glued with double sided tape to the embossed one aligned to the left on the folded edge.

I cut a strip of red satin ribbon and glued it with hot glue on the back of the cardstock about on 2/3 of the card.

I cut an scalloped rectangle and print out the illustration about ½ inch smaller that the rectangle. In this case I painted according to the colors I was using with some accents.

I glued the illustration in the center of the scalloped rectangle and using the foam double sided take I glued it to the card about on center of the flowery cut shape and on top of the ribbon.

I made a cute ribbon bow with the satin ribbon and glued it right next to the scalloped rectangle making part of the bow overlap the illustration.

At the bottom right of the composition I placed the sentiment. I made it in Spanish since my mom speaks Spanish and it means “Merry Christmas”.

Also glued a few rhinestones on the embossed cardstock as the center of the flowers that are there. And also on the illustration as the snowflakes.

I cut a 7×7 inches piece of scrapbook paper color inverted from the flowery one on the outside and glued to the inside of the card. I place it where we would not write.

Finally I glued the pink embossed paper with the whole decoration centered on the front side of the card with double sided tape.

I also made an envelope. A simple one {I’ll show how to make one on another post} and I Placed a piece of light pink embossed cardstock only on the flap. And finish it with a cute ribbon bow!

That’s it. A cute and full of love Christmas card for your beloved ones!


What do you think? Would like to make one like this??? Have you done cards like this Flowery Pink and Red Christmas Card before?? Tell me all about it on the comments.

Til' next time...

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    1. Thank you France! Happy that you like it!…. I Love making envelopes matching some way the cards!!! Also thansk so much for taking the time to visit and leave some love!!

  1. Its a beautiful card, and I know your mother love it. I had tried to do this before and is a very easy project to do., well sometimes.. Lets continue doing hand made cards, and keep the tradition.