{Guest Post} How to Create a Relaxing Reading Corner at Home by July Minor

Hello everyone, today I have a new guest visiting us, she is July Minor, a student, blogger and writer. She is sharing with us  her lovely ideas how to create a relaxing reading corner at home, isn’t it lovely. That is something I would love to have in my home. So let’s take leave her tell you all about it!


How to create a relaxing reading corner at home

Is there anything more relaxing than sitting at a comfortable place, take a good book and run away into its reality?

The best reading corner should be your favorite spot at home, should be comfortable and well-lit.
Your reading corner should provide comfort and silence, it is also suitable for making phone calls or listening to music. Choosing the best place at home is not an easy task and you should take into account different factors from the surrounding environment.

 It is the place where you feel the most relaxed and comfortable.
Whether that place is a corner at your living room, close to a big beautiful window or it is a rocking chair on the porch, the main purpose is to choose that one place at your house which makes you feel good, but along with that, it should allow you to concentrate and become deeply absorbed by the book you are reading.

Choose comfortable furnishing.
Your relaxing reading corner can’t be finished without comfortable furnishing to sit on. Depending on the interior in the house and your lifestyle, it can be a nice sofa or big secluded and comfortable armchair, or, just a chair.

Provide your reading corner with a little table or a nightstand.
With the help of these additional accessories, you’ll be able to easily organize your area of relax; hey will provide you with a place for your book,cup of coffee, pen or diary. If your room is larger, you might as well put book shelves around.

Natural lighting.
One of the most important factors which must be present in a well-created reading corner is the sunlight. You need to have good natural lighting, but you should avoid direct sunlight which can irritate your eyes and prevent you from proper reading. You can cover the windows with foil, which will spread the bright sunlight, or you can just simply let the curtains down.

Add decorative elements.
The most important thing for your reading corner is to be a comfortable and special place for you. If necessary, you can put a blanket and add some pillows to make it cozier. Make sure that the temperature is nice. Choose soft fabrics, colors and patterns which make you feel secure and comfortable.

Artificial lighting.
In the evening, your reading place should be surrounded by warm and welcoming light, but you should also be able to turn on a bigger source of light. In that case, a standard lamp or a simple desktop lamp will work perfectly. Choose a lamp, which can be regulated and moved around, according to your own instantaneous needs and preferences. In order to provide comfort for your eyes, the most adequate source of light is a LED lamp.

If possible, separate your reading corner from the other part of the room.
That can be accomplished by putting a dresser or other furniture near your reading corner, or, by putting curtains around it. This will make you feel secluded and will keep away family members who want to interrupt you.

A relaxing reading corner may be just what your home needs. Try finding a place, tucked away from the hustle and daily problems. If the size of your house allows it, make more than one reading corner.

Despite your busy schedule, find some time for reading, because, believe it or not, reading is good for your health.

July is a student, blogger and writer. She has part-time job as Battersea carpet cleaner and as a content writer. When she graduates she would like to be a home decorator and interior designer.
Isn’t this awesome???? I really really would love to have one of these, they all feel so comfy and peaceful!!!
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