Homemade Chilli SalsaHomemade Chilli Salsa

Ok, I have to say this, I’m not a fan of spicy food or any chilli at all. I can stand peppers because they bring flavor to food. But This homemade Chilli salsa happened to be different. Different because it was made by a friend who cooks amazingly delicious and different because I could have the salsa with or without the spicy part LOL. Yup!

Homemade Chilli Salsa

Homemade Chilli Salsa

You may be asking why are you sharing this recipe then?

Well, you see, my entire family is crazy about this chilli salsa. Mom makes it often and she asks our friend to make it really often, when she’s at home. They are kind enough to always make the salsa and leave the chilli the last so I can get some first. And then they add the chilli and let it rest for a couple hours so the flavors get mixed. I can tell you, next day it tastes the best!!!

This chilli salsa is fresh and so delicious, it’s also super easy to make. This salsa is perfect for grilled chicken or steak. OMG you have no idea. My mouth is watering as I write this. Even in burgers you will so love this.

You will find this recipe in Spanish on my mom’s blog {Yup, you heard that right, my mom is a blogger too! How cool is that!} So, if it’s easier for you to read the recipe in Spanish you can find it HERE.

So, what to check this mouthwatering homemade chilli salsa recipe?

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2 Comments on Homemade Chilli Salsa

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    GiGi Eats says:
    July 20, 2016

    Sounds pretty scrumptious to me!!! This could go on literally ANYTHING!

    • avatar
      Camila says:
      July 22, 2016

      THANK YOU!!!! Yesssss That’s exactly how I feel about this!!! I have had this with so many things, even on tacos… YUMMMM

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