DIY DSLR Camera Pouch

Hi lovely readers, don’t worry! this Camera Pouch post is only temporarily unavailable…

It’s currently under revision.

If you are interested in Camera accessories check out my

DIY Camera Strap! 

Be back soon!

Til' next time...

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    1. Hi B, Thanks… I’ll be working on it. It’s just that there has been so much going on around here and I haven’t been able to finish this one. The previews one I had to remove it but I’ll publish the new one soon!!! =D
      Thanks so much for the support!

      1. Hi Camilla. I’ve just found this on Pinterest and as these comments are over 2 years old I wondered if the revised pattern was now available. My husband loves it and says it’s just what he’s looking for

        1. Hi Sue, because of different personal circumstances I haven’t been able to sew ever since the issue with this pattern and another lady. I have a clear idea of how I want to make it so she can’t say it’s her design but keeping the essence of this one. I still use mine and love it but I haven’t been able to remake it. If you are not in too much of a hurry, I can organize myself and try having it ready in the next couple weeks. I would love to go live with the camera pouch again!

          Thank you for your interest.

    1. Hi, I’m going to modify it and re-make it because someone told me she had patent and copyrights over the {almost} same pouch. I didn’t copy it or steal it but she payed dirty and I had to remove the post. The one I’m creating is even cuter so hang on that I’m sure you will love it too!!!
      XOXO and thanks so much for stopping by and for liking my pouch!


    1. Hi Amy, no, I’m not working with them but I know them and I have spoken with Emily, we coincidentally got similar final products but they are different patterns. I wish I knew her before taking the trouble of making one, I love every one of her styles! Definitely an awesome product! =D
      Thanks for stopping by!

  1. I was wondering if you make another would you do a video. I made one today and I think there must be an easier way to attach the side panel to the top and bottom. Mine came out smaller than my dslr also and I did a very small seam allowance. Not sure what I did but one looks like the camera shape- lol

    1. If I make another one, I’ll keep in mind your comments. I really don’t know what hapened, maybe your camera is bigger than mine? Or did you resize the pattern to fit media? those things could affect the final result… Maybe you can leave an extra seam allowance. I mean, once you cut the pattern and place it on the fabric, leave extra 1/2 inch, maybe it will help. Let me know your thoughts!

    1. Thanks Carrie!It is indeed! Now I don’t get worry when I put in my bag!!! =D Thanks so much for stopping by! Always great to have you!

  2. awesome bag! Love how it exactly mimics the camera shape. I would have put the purple out though cause you know I love purple!! You are so creative! I appreciate your sharing with us! M

    1. ha ha I know purple is your color! I bet you can find a stripped or chevron in purple and it would be AWESOME!!!! ha ha! Thanks so much for such sweet compliments you are the sweetest! It’s always so nice to have you!

  3. Hi I so need this for our camera.

    The link to pattern did not work. It was a link for something else. Could you check? I have the sewing machine out this week and working on several projects and want to add this one to my list.


    1. Hi Melinda, Thanks so much for letting me know it was a wrong file. I fixed it. At least I think so LOL. Please let me know if it’s the right one now! Thanks again for the patience and I’m super glad you like my pouch yayyyy!!!

      1. Camila,
        It worked! Thanks for the quick turnaround. i needed this last week on vacation! LOL.
        I’ll try to send photo when done.

        1. I’m really happy that now it worked!!! and yesss pleaseeee I would love to see photos, I’m sure it will be awesome!!!! =D Thanks so much for stopping by and letting me know!

    1. Thanks Naznin! My camera so needed it! I had her neglected in my purse LOL now she’s protected {yes my Cam is a SHE LOL, it’s my other baby}