How I Organized my Blog Post Writing and Publishing Routine

Are you a routine kind of person? I think I am despite the fact that with my current life situation I find it hard to keep up with my own routines but I love knowing what I have to do each day. That gives me peace of mind and comfort. I like to sit for 20 minutes and at least plan ahead my week for the most important things I have to do. It also happens that I need to adjust that plan and schedules a few times during the week but that still makes me feel in control of how my week goes… Am I a control freak?

How I Organized my Blog Post Writing and Publishing Routine

How I Organized my Blog Post Writing and Publishing Routine #blogging101 #buildingaframework #BlogPostwriting

This applies to my blogging journey too. As a blogger and an active designer if I don’t have some sort of organization, my life becomes hectic, like literally… everything else can be fine and if my blogging stuff gets out of my hands everything else falls apart. I’m crazy in that way, I know!. So, I have outlined some steps I follow when it comes to my blog posts, so I keep sane and in control of my blog and most of the time it works.

The truth is that my main source of income doesn’t come from blogging, but from my design business. So when I’m drowning in design work, I usually sacrifice my blogging routine to keep up and deliver my designs on time. But when I’m on schedule and everything is flowing, having a good routine helps me get my blogging post consistency under control. Of course when this happens I do get more income too. Win Win…wink!.


I’m not sure what your opinion would be on this, but for me the hardest part of blogging is the writing part. Of course, a big part of that struggle is because, as I’ve mentioned in the past, English is not my main language and that means I have to put more effort into my writing. Also because I’m learning about writing everyday and I’m in the process of finding my own voice. I love telling stories but my mind debates constantly if people will care about all my ramblings prior the actual tutorial or recipes. Reading Building a Framework has helped me so much in this journey.

Once I overcome the writing part, I feel like everything else flows naturally thanks to my routine. Click next page to keep reading.

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My name is Camila Rojas but everyone call me Cami. I'm a mommy, blogger, baker, do it yourselfer, crafter and graphic designer. Owner and founder of The Crafting Nook {formerly TitiCrafty} and TCN Design Studio: web design for bloggers. Join me on my crazy adventures!

5 Comments on " How I Organized my Blog Post Writing and Publishing Routine "

  1. Camila

    Camila, thanks for being so transparent about your writing and publishing process. It really helps to hear what works for others…and I’m DE-lighted to hear that you’ve been able to use my freewriting tip! That has gotten me unstuck from writer’s block many-a-time. And I love how you use Microsoft Word as insurance. I have definitely lost drafts before because of an issue when saving; what a smart and easy solution! Also, I couldn’t agree more about Building a Framework. Abby has created such a bevy of resources for bloggers in that book…and now you’ve inspired me to go back and re-read certain sections. (Oh, and P.S. I think you’re doing a GREAT job infusing your writing with more of your voice. So proud of you!)

    1. Camila

      Awww Thank you so much Lauren, Your words mean the world to me. Both posts free wiring and Story-telling were so eye opening and inspiring {as most of your posts}. I’ve been applying those tips to my routine and writing. I really need to find my voice and I’m not so sure how close I am yet but I’m working on it. Knowing that you think I’m getting there gives lots of motivation, Thank you!!! And Yes Abby’s book is AMAZING… I truly go back and re-read some of her sections so I remind myself of what and how to do certain things. Happy to have you visiting and taking the time to read a bit of my story!

  2. Camila

    Love that you laid this all out– it will be so helpful for other bloggers! And thank you so much for your sweet words about Framework! You totally made my day!

    ~Abby =)

    1. Camila

      Thank you Abby, I’, really happy to have read your e-book and being able to be part of your awesome community! Great way to grow in both ways personal and as bloggers! Thank you for everything you do!!!

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