Washi Tape Recycled Jars

You are going to call me crazy but sometimes I just fly away on my thoughts {ok not sometimes, most of the time Ok!} and many of those times I keep thinking and asking myself about trash. Yeah, you heard me right, I think about trash. Have you thought about the amount of recyclable trash we throw away each day? Today I’m sharing these cute washi tape recycled jars and I’m explaining why I think about this.

Washi Tape Recycled Jars

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So let’s think about this just a sec. How many times do we go to stores to buy containers? Of any kind… My mom is a container buyer freak compulsive. She always buys boxes, plastic organizer containers, small containers, and so on. And if she steps on IKEA we lost her. I love containers but sometimes I think that there are so many things we can save from the trash and will do exactly the same thing. Shoe boxes for example. A good paper mod podge or decorated contact paper and it’s as good as a bought box. Baby food jars or plastic cups, also jam jars can do the same as those plastic containers.

My mom gets terrified when I keep all the jars she’s about to throw away. I clean them, dried them and put them in my crafty box. I know I’ll find a good purpose for them. And here is one of my ideas.

I was using a plastic divided container that my mom lend me a while ago, but I know she was going to need it soon so I decided to use all those baby food jars I had kept, decorate them and use them to store everything I had I there. The result was so cute, not only did it store lots of stuff but it was super decorative too.

top view of small recycled jars and a box with decorative threads

So, if you have that vein for recycling or upcycling things this post is right for you!

Here is what I did.

What you need:

  • Spray Paint {I used white}
  • Plastic gloves
  • Washi tape {the colors and patterns you love}
  • Decorative threads
  • Small recycled Jars

First of all, make sure your jars are clean as well as the lids. The lids must be very clean and free of dust and grease.

I went to the backyard and using some big cardboards I painted the lids. It took me about 4 layers to completely cover them. It all depends on the paint. I bought a cheap one, but I know there are some that it comes with surface preparation and all.

Please mind my hand… Completely forgot to wear plastic gloves duh!

closer view of hand painted with spray

While each layer was drying I started applying the washi tape to the jars. I used 6 different coordinated patterns that I loved.

I applied one line to the bottom and another to the top of the jar.

closer view of a jar with washi tape in the bottom
closer view of a jar with washi tape in the bottom and top

I alternate each jar with a different pattern.

view a many jars with washi tape applied

When the lids were ready, I brought them inside and cleaned them a bit with a paper towel.

showing a painted lid in the hand

Put the lids in place and OMG, they look so cute!

closeup of a Washi Tape Recycled Jar

Ok, so it was time to fill the jars. I brought the plastic container and got started. I didn’t have as many jars as spaces in the container, but I just mixed some related stuff like the fabric flowers, I mixed some colors.

top view of Washi Tape Recycled Jars with some stuff

Some of the stuff I had to place them in a bigger {not decorated} jar for now.

And for the last but not least, I cut some strips of thread in green and pink to decorate the jars.

top view of Washi Tape Recycled Jars and strips of thread

I just tide them to the jars right below the lid with a double knot.

And voila!

perspective of Washi Tape Recycled Jars

Some super cute and decorative containers. These washi tape recycled jars can be revamped in the future. When I don’t want them in those colors anymore, I’ll just remove the washi tape and replace them with other ones. But I just love how they look right now!

view of some Washi Tape Recycled Jars Washi Tape Recycled Jars on desk
view of Washi Tape Recycled Jars for Craft supplies
view of Washi Tape Recycled Jars piled
view of some Washi Tape Recycled Jars Washi Tape Recycled Jars on desk

How cool is that???

What do you think? What do you do with all that recyclable-useful junk most people throw away?

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Til' next time...

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