How I Organized my Blog Post Writing and Publishing Routine

From my idea to my final Product before crafting the post.

When I come up with something I want to make, I just set up my work place and start. I don’t do much thinking because when I do I end up doing nothing, so I prefer to just start, if it turns out as expected, then great, if not, I’ll just try again another day {you have no idea how many times I would have to start over or try something different… wink!}. I take the necessary pictures during the process and in my mind I’m already practicing how I’m going to explain what I’m doing in the post. I’m also thinking about my titles and keywords LOL.

I get so caught up when I’m working on my projects that I might forget there is a world around me. In some cases, that can be dangerous according to my dear hubby LOL {but that’s beside the point}. Even the SEO process is there in my mind but as I mentioned on my post How to Create SEO friendly posts, once we get the hang of it, it comes naturally, so while I’m creating, I’m just planning how to write the post.

When my creation is done, either if it’s a craft or a recipe or even a different kind of project, I stage my scene for the final pics, take a bunch of them just in case and then just clean up and put everything back into their places.

Usually I work on the post the next day or another day. I personally don’t like writing at night, I feel like my mind is tired already and my ideas don’t flow as much as in the mornings. I usually start the writing*, sitting somewhere comfy and with my coffee or tea and let my ideas flow. The actual writing can happen the same day I’m preparing the blog post or days prior.


It’s important for you to find when your mind and heart are more open to let ideas flow for your writing. Once you find it, try to stick with it, even if It’s a few minutes a day. I try to set my timer to 60 minutes and that works great mostly when I already know what I want to write about. Sometimes if my ideas are overflowing I write for a little longer.

Lauren from The Thinking Closet suggests setting a daily timer to write even if you don’t know what to write about, just grab your pen and paper or your laptop, set your timer and go… Write whatever comes to mind for that time set and probably something will come from that. I personally think that’s a great writing strategy to let your writing flow. You can read Lauren’s full post here! I’m sure you will love it her ideas!

*QUICK TIP: I always write my posts on Microsoft word or text pad or any other text editor. I never write directly in my blog’s editor. The main reason is insurance. I have my pics in a folder and my text in a file and if {God! Hope never happens} I lost my entire site or part of it {without backups}, I still have what I need to start again. Secondly, if for some reason the browser crashes, and I have to restart the computer I don’t lose what I’ve written. I have set up to autosave every few minutes on my MS. Word. Call me over-precautious LOL

My Post publishing routine.

So, I’m ready to create my post, now what?

Till Next time!


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5 Comments on " How I Organized my Blog Post Writing and Publishing Routine "

  1. Camila

    Camila, thanks for being so transparent about your writing and publishing process. It really helps to hear what works for others…and I’m DE-lighted to hear that you’ve been able to use my freewriting tip! That has gotten me unstuck from writer’s block many-a-time. And I love how you use Microsoft Word as insurance. I have definitely lost drafts before because of an issue when saving; what a smart and easy solution! Also, I couldn’t agree more about Building a Framework. Abby has created such a bevy of resources for bloggers in that book…and now you’ve inspired me to go back and re-read certain sections. (Oh, and P.S. I think you’re doing a GREAT job infusing your writing with more of your voice. So proud of you!)

    1. Camila

      Awww Thank you so much Lauren, Your words mean the world to me. Both posts free wiring and Story-telling were so eye opening and inspiring {as most of your posts}. I’ve been applying those tips to my routine and writing. I really need to find my voice and I’m not so sure how close I am yet but I’m working on it. Knowing that you think I’m getting there gives lots of motivation, Thank you!!! And Yes Abby’s book is AMAZING… I truly go back and re-read some of her sections so I remind myself of what and how to do certain things. Happy to have you visiting and taking the time to read a bit of my story!

  2. Camila

    Love that you laid this all out– it will be so helpful for other bloggers! And thank you so much for your sweet words about Framework! You totally made my day!

    ~Abby =)

    1. Camila

      Thank you Abby, I’, really happy to have read your e-book and being able to be part of your awesome community! Great way to grow in both ways personal and as bloggers! Thank you for everything you do!!!

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