How to Make Italian Meringue

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  1. Camila

    Hi, I’ve made this several times and I have 1 problem. Every tine I make it and frost my cakes the nerengue only lasts 24 hrs before it starts to deflate/ melt. Is that typical of every merengue or am I doing something wrong?

    1. Camila

      Hi Janiel,
      Thank you for your feedback. I don’t think that’s normal. Not sure if you are doing something wrong either because, of course, I can’t see you making it. When I’ve made it, it has lasted over 2 days (but because the dessert is gone).
      Just a few thoughts:
      Maybe the syrup is not reaching the ideal stage and is too thin when you incorporate it to the meringue. The syrup should be getting thick but still transparent, it can start getting amber color.
      Maybe the eggs are not getting to the hard peaks point.
      Or maybe the proportions are uneven.
      That’s all I can think of that could be messing up with the meringue. What you describe is what used to happen to me when I was making it only with egg whites and sugar. I was lucky if it lasted 24 hours.

      Let me know if any of this ring a bell or if it helps. I truly hope you get it right, it’s so delicious!!!


  2. Camila

    Can you tell me how to make this recipe bigger by about half?

    1. Camila

      Hi Sarnya,
      To be honest I have never done it myself but taking a good look at the ingredients proportions it seems to be pretty straightforward. With Meringues, it is usually trial and error. I messed a couple batches before I got it right so this being said, remember this when trying increasing amounts.
      I would set ingredients at:
      3 egg whites
      1 1/2 cup of sugar
      3/4 cup of water
      1 1/2 tbsp of Icing sugar {optional}

      For the simple syrup, it would be 1 cup sugar with the water. Follow directions the same.
      Hope this helps and that I didn’t get it wrong.

  3. Camila

    Cuando le vas a preparar a tu mamita linda esa delicia del cielo?