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Gamer Room Decor: Our Office-Guest Room Makeover

Who doesn’t dream of a gaming room? This Office-Guest Gamer Room Decor Makeover will show you that you don’t need to spend much to have one.

This Gamer Room Decor Makeover project has been on our to-do list for years (one of many). The thing is, there was always something and it was just not the right time.

Office-Guest Gamer Room Decor Makeover

Office-Guest Gamer Room Decor Makeover

You know how it goes, life happens, always something has higher priority and we keep pushing it and pushing because something else is more important.

My husband and I kept talking and planning and brainstorming how cool the guest room would be like this or like that until one day said to each other “That’s it” we have to do it, so we set a budget and a date in the calendar and started looking for supplies that would fit the budget.

We realize while brainstorming that what we all three have in common is that we love pc games. 

Game Posters and Keyboard Pillow covers

I’ve always been kind of a gamer. I still remember playing Prince of Persia,  Doom, Wolfenstein or Spear of Destiny back when we had to install the games with a gazillion 3 ½ disks,  remember those days?

I sure do.

The same goes for my husband who started building his own PCs from the age of 14 and started playing action games right then. 

Gaming desk setup

Now our girl is inheriting the love for pc games playing games like Roblox and Minecraft (closely supervised at all times).

It seems only logical to use the gaming world as our theme to start the makeover of this abandoned sad room.

Another point to take into consideration is how small the bedroom is and the main purpose. It’s supposed to be a guest room that is also my husband’s office/game room.

So we needed to make it all work out.

My husband loves black and white, his PC tower was already black and white and the table white with black chair. So we had a good start there

The total budget spent was 170€ ($200). I used as much as I could from what we already had, we did many DIYs and everything we bought was on sale or from inexpensive shops.

How It All Started: a Gaming Room in the Making

Let’s start from the beginning.

This is how the room looked like when we first moved here.

What a mess LOL.

Then we started upgrading a few things like the bed and PC desk but the truth is that this room was more like a storage room than an actual room.

Gamer Room Decor Makeover Ideas

So here goes the main ideas:

Paint the weird column in the middle of the back wall black.

Install black shelves to match the column but create contrast against the white wall. 

We reused the shelves I had in the living room, repainted it in black and good to go.

We wanted to find decorative items that would be black, or dark colors somewhat related to game and also be nice for a guest.

All items we got were either on sale or reused.

We absolutely loved this ZEN lighted metal word. We knew it would look amazing on the shelves.

Garmer room shelving decor

Then in another shop we found this clock and ooooooh we loved it.

Gaming room desk shelving decor

It was about keeping our eyes very open in every shop we went to. We found very cool inexpensive items. But still, We are looking in case something cool shows up!

One thing we knew we wanted to do is to add led lights behind the desk to match the PC tower mood and a more gaming style. We are planning on adding some led lights to the ceiling too but it’s more of a future upgrade.

Led lights on in the gaming room decor new setup

The desk was way too white so we decided to change the drawer chest and revamp another one that we had making the front of each drawer black. You can check out the Drawers revamp tutorial here.

Desk Drawers makeover with black painted drawers.

Install new blinds.

The bed decoration would be black and white with an accent color.

Guest room decorating videw of the bedding

We decided to make ourselves a few posters with our favorite games. Some would go on the black column and others above the bed.

Wall and shelving decoration in the gamer room decor
Destiny 2 homemade posters

Since the bed was divan-like we wanted to give it a more sofa look so we got some squared pillows from Ikea and created pillow covers with fun keyboard keys designs.

Fun Pillow covers designed with keyboar keys.

The final touch was the accent color pillow with our logo in it! We cound’t miss that, right?

The trofast drawer needed either to go or a revamp, we decided to revamp it. We created and installed a door so it would hide the mess and the plastic drawers that I didn’t really like one bit. You can find the tutorial for the Trofast door project here.

Trofast drawer makeover with a door installed.

And all the crap left had to go.

We wanted to have some green in the room too but with the lack of light in the room we went for faux plants.

Amazing Office-Guest Gamer Room Decor Makeover

This is still an ongoing project. There are more things we want to make that we couldn’t in such a short period of time and with the available budget. So we might keep feeding this post as we go.

The Gamer Room Decor Reveal

As of today this is how it looks.

Final result of our Office-Guest Gamer Room Decor Makeover

I absolutely love how it turned out.

We even still think of other things we can add or improve so it might change with time.

Office-Guest Gamer Room Decor Makeover Desk glowing

Now when we play we feel like in the groove haha.

Let's play! Office-Guest Gamer Room Decor Makeover

It’s a lot more fun to be here, play or work.

And of course, for guests, this room now is way more homey than it was before.

Guest bed in our Office-Guest Gamer Room Decor Makeover

Hope you enjoyed today’s tour. I was so excited to finally share it with you.

I’ll leave you with some other photos of the room.

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Get inspired to re-decorate your guest/ office room with our Office-Guest Gamer Room Decor Makeover

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