DIY Drawer Dividers for Desk Organizing (+Tips and Tricks)

Using nothing but cardstock (plain or patterned), you can create some pretty DIY drawer dividers in a matter of minutes that will tame your drawer-mess monster.

Is there a place in your home which you prefer not even see it? We all have that place, right?

DIY Drawer Dividers for Desk Organizing (Tips and Tricks)

Desk Organizing DIY Drawer Dividers (+ Tips and Tricks)

I like to consider myself organized but still I have a few places that I’ve just left alone and forgotten.

Sometimes it just gets hard for me to focus on my organization. I tend to leave my own spaces for the last after a long to-do list and often times it gets forgotten.

This time I decided to go ahead and spend some time organizing my own desk.  I started with my drawers inspired by I Heart Organizing strategy. They are not all finished yet but at least the 2 messier are pretty organized and so functional.

DIY Drawer Dividers for Organization


I think that’s the most important word in the organization field and so underestimated. You can have a perfectly organized space and zero functionality.

How do you organize desk drawers?

My Tip #1 would be:

First evaluate your space, how much you have, and what you need to place there. Focus on what REALLY needs to be there.

Then while you are organizing, place yourself reaching those things later and ask yourself:

How many things do you need to move to get it?

Will I put it back easily and then move back the things I had to move to get it?

If the answers are: 1 a few and 2 most likely not then your organization is NOT functional.

Let’s make this one step harder, ask yourself now:

Will my family easily take things and put them back?

I’ll leave this for you as homework.

Those things you think they should be there, organize them in order most used to rarely used. Putting your most used very accessible areas.

So, These are my 2 first desk drawers. They needed urgent care. The last ones are not that bad so I could divide the work into 2 batches.

Check out the before and after:



Quite a difference, right?

The best part?

I spent about $5 (5,55EUR) on both drawers. I only bought a scrapbook paper block.

The thing was that plastic organizers come in fixed sizes and most of the time you end up wasting a lot of space. When you create your own drawer dividers you maximize your space and don’t waste an inch.

Making each box/divider takes just a few minutes. Of course if like me, you need over ten of them you might spend a couple hours making them. In my opinion, it was the best spent hours ever.

Another benefit of creating your own drawer dividers is that you make the necessary room for each item or group of items.

This way you have everything at your fingertips, you know exactly what you have and where to find it.

DIY Drawer Dividers Tutorial

I made this video tutorial for you to see the whole process BUT if you prefer reading, just scroll down and go on!

Drawers dividers supplies:

  • Cardstock (plain or scrapbook cardstock work perfectly)
  • Glue
  • Cutter and scissors
  • Pencil.

The first thing you need to do is empty your drawer and measure the inside.

Cut a piece of cardstock the exact size of your drawer. It should fit perfectly inside your drawer.

Place your drawer pattern on a table and start placing your items on it where you think they should be.

Once you are happy with the placement, make marks with a pencil between each item or group of items.