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⁘ 25 May ⁘
30+ Refreshing Summer Drinks

Wonderful warm weather is almost here and with it the need of delicious and refreshing drinks comes too. Is there anything more delicious than a cold or frozen drink when the sun is bright and warming our days? Imagine yourself in a beach or pool day, with some delicious...
⁘ 29 June ⁘
Strawberry Pina Colada

Strawberry Pina Colada, a delicious, tropical and refreshing drink recipe that brings the best of tropical flavors! You will love it! I have to admit, where I live is nowhere to see summer. Here is cold, cloudy and rainy. BUT I can live in my dream that we are...
⁘ 8 May ⁘
16 Delicious & Refreshing Cocktails {The weekly Round Up}

Don’t you love some delicious and refreshing Cocktails when we know summer is approaching??? Don’t get me wrong is not like I’m a drunk or anything, I don’t even drink much but when I see this collection of cocktails it really makes my mouth water… I’m pretty sure you will...