TCDesigns, Website and Blog Design Made with Love!

Hello lovely readers! Today I’m sharing something a bit different than usual. For some of you this isn’t new for other it might be and I hope you find it of interesting and helpful. A few months ago I started my websites and blog design business called TCDesigns which I love because I get to know new friends and know a bit deeper known friends as I work with them to give them the blog or site they dream about.

TCDesigns, Website and Blog Design Made with Love!

TCDesigns Website and Blog Design Made with Love. 100% Custom designs for blogger and WordPress. #tecdesigns #webdesign #blogdesign

To tell you a little bit of my background, I’m a bachelor graphic designer with more than 9 years of experience in marketing and advertising. Even though my main experience is in advertising my career started as a web designer in a small company where I worked for almost 2 years. Now I’ve been blogging for almost 2 years, I’ve designed 3 different skins/templates for my blog and some other blogs. So I decided that it was time for me to take this to a new level and what can it be better than help other bloggers get the image they dream about?. What I have to offer at TCDesigns, is a 100% customized blog/website design. I don’t have pre-made templates or themes. I design based on each person’s style, needs and desires. I try to connect with my clients and understand how they are, how they feel and how they see themselves as bloggers or websites owners. I like to be able to help people understand better the web business, to project the right image and to become a branded business owner.

At TCDesigns we are 2 bloggers working for you. Me Cami, Crazy Designer, Visual Communicator and with a bit of knowledge of CSS and HTML. And my Mom Ruth from Programando la Vida who is the expert programmer and web developer and the one behind all the installation and setups of each blog and website I design. We work on both platforms: Blogger and WordPress. We offer a complete and customizable WP theme template, which will have your name on it.  We only own the template authorship rights but the Theme is yours! We also offer Genesis Child Themes design if you are already under Genesis framework!  The quality and stability of our work is 100% guaranteed and we offer support on any issue you might have.

Here you have some samples of our work creating blog design already done!


The Plaid & Paisley Kitchen

This Silly Girl’s Life


Previews theme Programando la Vida


First Theme Programando la Vida

You can check our pricing and hire us any time by contacting us HERE

So what do you think??? Do you like what we have to offer? Would like to work with us?

Hope to hear from you soon!!!!

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My name is Camila Rojas but everyone call me Cami. I'm a mommy, blogger, baker, do it yourselfer, crafter and graphic designer. Owner and founder of The Crafting Nook {formerly TitiCrafty} and TCN Design Studio: web design for bloggers. Join me on my crazy adventures!

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  1. Camila

    Pinned so I can find you when I’m ready for some assistance!

  2. Camila

    I am so excited for your new adventure, I love that your Momma is working with you too. Congratulations on starting another amazing adventure,. You just might have given me the courage to get help with my blog. I trust you with helping me because I know you will have my best interest at heart.
    All my best,
    Karen Marie
    Dragonfly & Lily Pads

  3. Camila

    Love to see people growing! This is such a cool thing to be able to do!! Wish I could afford a designer… :)

  4. Camila

    You do such great work!

  5. Camila

    So excited for you! Congrats on this next step in your life.

  6. Camila

    I love it! I need to check it out as there are some design things I’d like to change.

  7. Camila

    Such pretty designs Camila, love them!

  8. Camila

    I have no idea you did This Silly Girl’s Life! What an awesome job! I love the portfolio!

  9. Camila

    Your designs are awesome! Good luck with your new endeavor!

  10. Camila

    Your work is beautiful! And it’s great to know that you are a resource! I had no idea you did this!

  11. Camila

    I didn’t know you designed websites – how great! They look amazing!

  12. Camila

    So awesome – I will definitely keep you in mind!

  13. Camila

    super cute!! I know where to go next time i need a redesign ;o) How much do you charge for a graphic? I’m hosting a Felt Food