18 Rustic Master Bedroom Decor Ideas (that will invite you in)

New home, new life, new beginning, right? I definitely believe that’s true. I recently moved to a new apartment completely unfurnished. I must say that here in Spain most apartments for rent are already furnished but the lower the budget the worst quality the furniture will be. In some cases apartments look like the owner’s room storage. I personally hate that. No style, excess of “STUFF” in each room and no possibilities to start having our own stuff. So when we found this apartment, all modern and “EMPTY” I knew right away this was it. The thing is that now I needed even more ideas than before to start decorating it and making it my cozy place. Today I’m sharing with you some of my very favorite findings for a rustic master bedroom decor ideas.

18 Rustic Master Bedroom Decor ideas

Rustic Master Bedroom Decor Ideas

So let me recap the circumstances of this apartment. When I started looking for a new apartment I had a LONG list of must haves for it. I was kind of like the Property Brothers people. Of course, I had to land my feet on the ground at some point and give up things for others to be possible. In Spain, especially in this town is hard to find modern, big, comfy, bright apartments. Most big apartments are really old and with it really old everything. Old floors, bathrooms, doors and especially kitchen. The garage is a pain here. most people park in the street and some like me have to rent a spot it in a different building’s garage. No fun. When I found this one, I realized I had to make a decision and it was between keep looking or give up the size to have everything else and so I did.

When I say my apartment is small I really mean it. It’s the wall-night table-bed-night table-wall kind of small. It will be challenging to make it pretty and comfy but I’m more than willing to give it a fight. I’m aiming for a rustic-farmhouse and also minimalist style. For that reason and because I’ll start working on my bedroom, I’m sharing this round up of awesome ideas from awesome decorating bloggers I’ve found and follow.

So, how about checking these Rustic Master Bedroom Decor ideas out?

Let’s go!

Disclaimer: *My roundups are only for inspiration ideas. Just like I do for all my round ups, I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest. If you are at all familiar with that platform you know there are tons of pictures with no direct links to the original source. Some pictures featured here I found no source for or directed to the wrong one but if you know the source, contact me and I will update this post immediately, thank you so much!

I so love the look of the side table and the carpet. BUT I especially love the lamp styling! So clever and so pretty!

Idea via MISDIY

*I couldn’t find the original source of this Bedroom but I SO love everything about it especially the ladder and the shelf above the headboard. If you happen to know who this photo belongs to please let me know and I’ll link it back to the owner.

I love how bright this room looks. I love the headboard and the window frame above. It all looks so pretty.

Idea via Simply French Market

I so love crates and I never thought of using them like this. The whole combo looks so pretty and combines my favorite colors stained wood and white. I might try this if I think it will fit inside my room.

Idea via Me & J… The everyday

How gorgeous does this bench look? I absolutely adore the combo headboard and the bench. Again the bench probably won’t fit BUT the headboard is a possibility!

Idea via Becky’s Farmhouse

Absolutely loving this gallery wall. The window frame for the main photo looks astonishing. Something I’m looking forward to making!

Idea via Simply Beautiful by Angela

via The Crafting Nook

Again the ladder is a special gorgeous touch in any rustic room. I also love that worn out table. I dream of having things like that in my bedroom decor.

Idea via The Cottage Market

LOVING those shelves decor {shelves included}. Everything about them and on them.

Idea via The Little Farmhouse

Here we can see again another use for that windows frame photo frame. above the dresser looks so pretty and let’s face it what is not to like about this display?

Idea via The Hamby Home

Can anyone not love this bed? Please? I probably won’t ever be able to make this myself because of the lack of space but I would certainly love to have it. Like they say, dream doesn’t cost anything… at least not yet LOL.

Idea via Shanty 2 Chic

This idea is completely doable for me. The headboard and the lamp will probably hit my list of must make for my bedroom. Even the twinkle lights are an adorable addition to that styling.

Idea via Lindsay Marcella

Ladder again? yup but this time as night stand. Isn’t it so pretty? LOVE it.

Idea via Twelve on main

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2 Comments at 18 Rustic Master Bedroom Decor Ideas (that will invite you in)

  1. Camila

    Love all of the inspiration pics Cami. I look forward to seeing and hearing about the things you make for your bedroom, and would like to wish you lots of happiness in your new home.

    Judi in the UK

    1. Camila

      THANK YOU so much Judi.
      I can’t wait to start. I have already a few ideas to put in action but some aspects are still uncertain. Th ebedroom is so SO small that I need to think very well what I’m going to do. BUT first I need to finish my girl’s bedroom. It’s almost done, just a few details to finish and I’m done. Can’t wait!!!!!

      Hugs and stay tuned!!!

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